Due to the upcoming Oscars, KMozart 105.1 FM in Los Angeles will be featuring interviews with actors, directors,screenwriters, cinematographers as well as our first priority: composers. Next week March 3rd we will feature interviews with Bill Condon (nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay "Chicago"), Julie Taymor/Director "Frida" (nominated with Elliot Goldenthal for Best Original Song "Burn it Blue"), Edward Lachman/Cinematographer (nominated for Best Cinematography for "Far From Heaven") as well as Neil Simon for his latest World Premiere of "Rose and Walsh at the Geffen Playhouse.

The week of March 10th we will continue our features with Bill Condon, Edward Lachman, Julie Taymor, Philip Glass and Todd Haynes/Director of "Far From Heaven". In regards to "Far From Heaven" we will always begin the interview with a selection from the soundtrack composed by Elmer Bernstein who is also up for Best Film Score.