INTRADA Presents:

Composed and Conducted by BRUCE BROUGHTON
INTRADA Special Collection Volume 9

Composer Bruce Broughton is perhaps best known for his work in the western film genre, most particularly SILVERADO and TOMBSTONE. In 2002, Broughton composed the score for Hallmark Entertainment's tale of Mark Twain's youthful, old-west adventures, called MARK TWAIN'S ROUGHING IT! Who better to capture Twain's spirit and the untamed west into musical form than Broughton? And Broughton delivers, bringing a bold sense of Americana and adventure to this expansive, broad tale of an amazing, colorful figure in US heritage.

ROUGHING IT! stars James Garner as an elderly Mark Twain giving a commencement speech to a skeptical graduating class, who view Twain only as a clownish figure. Yet he soon overwhelms and captivates his audience as he relays the tales of his unbelievable youth, accompanied musically and effervescently by Bruce Broughton.

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Performed by the Sinfonia of London, MARK TWAIN'S ROUGHING IT! marks the ninth entry in INTRADA's Special Collection.

Available Exclusively from INTRADA and select soundtrack retailers: APRIL 2003