All Fall Down/The Outrage

This CD features two scores by Alex North (1911-1991) recalling his roots in the American stage, where his innovations of chamber ensembles and dramatic introspection helped to revolutionize film scoring.

All Fall Down (1962) is a family/coming-of-age drama directed by John Frankenheimer, who like North was known for his technical genius but had a heart for intimate drama. North's poignant, sweetly jazzy score is full of hushed, haunting textures, with lovely themes drawing the pained connections between the characters.

The Outrage (1964) is an American remake of the Akira Kurosawa classic Rashomon, transposed to the American West. North's complete score runs a mere 14:29 (presented as a one-track suite), favoring a gentle, lovely theme for the woman and victim (Claire Bloom) whose beauty sets the tale in motion.

Golden Age Classics: Green Fire/Bhowani Junction

Miklos Rozsa scored two films for M-G-M in the mid-1950s set in exotic locations: modern-day Colombia for Green Fire (1954) and post-WWII India for Bhowani Junction (1956).

Green Fire is an action-adventure romance starring Stewart Granger as an emerald prospector and Grace Kelly as the owner of a Colombian coffee plantation. Rozsa's stirring symphonic score features a title song (lyrics by Jack Brooks) created from the gorgeous main theme. FSM's premiere release features the complete underscore in stereo, with bonus tracks of source cues and instrumental alternates.

Bhowani Junction, directed by George Cukor, stars Ava Gardner as a half-caste torn between three loves amidst the English withdrawal from India. The music is as much of a "non-score" as Rozsa ever composed: almost entirely source music. The cues are presented largely in stereo, with a bonus track culled from monaural masters.

FSM's CD of Green Fire/Bhowani Junction features the two sides of '50s Rozsa "exotica," from dramatic, symphonic strains of Green Fire to the offbeat stylings of Bhowani Junction.

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