INTRADA Presents:

Composed and Conducted by ELIA CMIRAL

It was his neighborhood - until he was murdered. But some people just can't stay away from home, even if they're dead! More than 20 years after his murder, the ghost of Jimmy Bones returns to seek revenge on his killers and clean up his neighborhood. New Line Cinema's 2001 film BONES starred Snoop Dog and Pam Grier.

Elia Cmiral, veteran of several noted genre film scores (STIGMATA, THEY, BATTLEFIELD EARTH) as well as the thriller RONIN, creates a blood-red mixture of intense orchestral music with chorus, augmented by an array of electronic effects. Customary for the composer, a treasure trove of percussive effects highlight the score. Intense clusters, spine-tingling suspense, musical chaos. Elia Cmiral's score for BONES just won't die!

Available May 2003
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