DATE OR DISASTER, the smash reality dating show, with a score by Teddy Castelluci, has premiered on iFILM! Now you can link up to our very
special episode, and see the humor, horror and heartbreak that makes us the
last words in reality dating! Join our host "Touch" Johnson and his
wise-cracking cameraman Donny as they pair a straight director of gay porn
with a sock puppet actress. Will it be romance, or a homicidal date from
hell? Find out when you watch DATE OR DISASTER in glorious Quicktime and Real
Player versions by clicking our link

But that's not all! Now our official site has footage and deleted scenes too
hot even for iFilm! You can find them at

DATE OR DISASTER is brought to you by director Richard Elfman (FORBIDDEN
ZONE), with network assistance by Robert Maschio (SCRUBS), Jeff Tschida
(UNDRESSED), Rachael Rowan (TED BUNDY) and Daniel Schweiger (FREE
ENTERPRISE). All are innocent until proven guilty. So tune in, spread the
word (not to mention our link) and see the last words in reality dating!