Tree Adams: Musical Director of The 2003 World Stunt Awards Airing June 9th on USA Networks

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) No stand-ins here! Talented composer/songwriter/producer Tree Adams executes all necessary duties in the roles of composer, musical director and musician for The 2003 World Stunt Awards (airing Monday, June 9th at 8 p.m. on USA). At this third annual award ceremony, the finest stunt men and women in the entertainment industry will be recognized for their extraordinary achievements in feature films of 2002. This year's nominees can be seen risking their lives in blockbusters such as DIE ANOTHER DAY, XXX, WE WERE SOLDIERS and GANGS OF NEW YORK. With a musical ensemble, Tree Adams will be conducting and performing original music to underscore the presenters, award recipients and choreographed material of the program.

The gifted composer is no stranger to television program musical accompaniment as evidenced by his scoring of a full season of the WB television sitcom "Raising Dad," starring Bob Saget. Tree Adams has also contributed original score and/or songs to many television projects such as "Felicity," "The Guardian," MTV's "Road Rules," A&E "Biography," The NFL and "That's Life," as well as feature film projects that include DROWNING MONA, CASPER and BLACK MASK. His musical talents were most recently put to work on Paul Schrader's feature AUTO FOCUS (2002), starring Greg Kinnear, Willem DaFoe and Rita Wilson.

Tree Adams comes from a family with a deep musical heritage stemming from his grandfather Seymour Solomon who founded Vanguard Records, the originator of talents such as Buddy Guy, Woody Guthrie and Joan Baez. With music in his blood, Adams founded a rock band called "The Hatters," who released three recordings on Atlantic Records and later shared the stage with the likes of Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy, The Allman Brothers, Joan Osborne, King Sunny Ade, Jimmy Cliff and A Tribe Called Quest. Tree Adams also runs, Treehouse Music Inc., composing and producing records for himself and other artists. Adams is currently scoring, performing and producing music for the indie feature BOTTLE NECK.