Lightyear International recording artist ROCCO PRESTIA (of Tower Of Power) 
will be appearing in UNIVERSAL CITY on FRIDAY, AUGUST 6 at UNIVERSAL 
The debut ROCCO PRESTIA solo album is entitled "...everybody on 
the bus," and showcases the amazing talents of this influential bass player.
We would like to invite you or one of your staff writers to consider writing 
a CD review, or conduct an interview, in conjunction with this area 

A musical original, PRESTIA is a timeless bass stylist who has influenced 
countless players, yet remains unique.  The original bassist in Tower Of 
Power, PRESTIA is responsible for giving the band their signature funk sound 
by creating the 16th note.  His brilliant manipulation of the steady-6th 
pulse, alternating muted notes, accents, ghosted notes and space led Bass 
Player Magazine to proclaim:" Few, if any, have ever moved so much air while 
fitting so seamlessly and tastefully into an ensemble."

We will be glad to fax a bio and additional backgroundo you.  CDs are 
available upon request.

To RSVP or get additional information, please call:
ISL PUBLIC RELATIONS, 212-541-7595, or e-mail us at!