LYON/CHAMBERY, France (April,13th 2004) - A new label is now coming into the music world : LYMPIA RECORDS

LYMPIA RECORDS is the musical division of LYMPIA PRODUCTIONS, S.A.R.L., a French company specialised in audiovisual production, direction and publishing. LYMPIA Productions is currently working on several documentaries and communication films.

LYMPIA RECORDS intends to develop a varied editorial policy opened to every musical style. Film music will be the first.

The momentum of LYMPIA RECORDS lies in the meeting of people whose skills and expertises are no more to be proved. Among them, producers Arnaud Damian (Publisher and creator of / MusiquedeFilm.Communications, former planning director at EGYO EDITIONS et EGYO SYSTEMS, co-founder of LYMPIA Productions) and Jean-Christophe Sommer (Co-founder of TraxZone and LYMPIA Productions, former editor and director for RCA Productions and RCA Presse) ; and executive producers Gérard Dastugue (Delegate publisher and journalist for, Vice-president of MusiquedeFilms.Communications / author of a Ph.D about the influence of film music on the viewer's reception), François Rivière (Art director / Executive producer at MILAN MUSIC from 2002 till 2004).

LYMPIA RECORDS thus announces the forthcoming release of the original soundtrack for televison series L'ENFANT DES LOUPS (LRCD-4101) directed by Philippe Monnier in 1991. The original score, composed by Serge Franklin, is a musical epic, an opera of sound and fury, choral and symphonic, performed by Prague FYSIO Symphony Orchestra.

This album will be presented in a special limited edition.

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Music Composed & Orchestrated by: Serge Franklin
Performed by: The FYSIO Symphony Orchestra - Mario Klemens, conductor
# Réf: LRCD-4101
EAN/UPC: 3 76010767101 1
Date de Sortie: NC/TBA