Shock Theatre and the Cypress Family Twin Theatre, in association with Percepto Records, are proud to bring you a family classic THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN.

This screening will feature an original film print from Universal Studios, plus a rare live Q&A with legendary film composer Vic Mizzy, who will answer your questions about the film and its production. Also, Percepto will be on hand with RARE memorabilia from the film, plus the complete line of Mizzy scores on CD for sale, including VIC MIZZY - SUITES & THEMES, THE NIGHT WALKER, THE CAPER OF THE GOLDEN BULLS with THE PERILS OF PAULINE, THE SPIRIT IS WILLING with THE BUSY BODY and the complete score to THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN.

For your enjoyment, Shock Theatre will also be running RARE cartoons, commercials and retro clips.

This is a special opportunity to share with your friends and family the great days of matinee screenings, and an absolute perfect film for your kids! No obscenity and no blood (except those fingerprints on "The Haunted Organ!"), just plain spooky fun from the comedic talents of Don Knotts and a host of familiar faces!

The screening begins this Sunday, April 25th at 6:00pm, a perfect time for a few hours of fun to kick off your week with a smile!

Cypress Family Twin is located in Central Orange County, in between LA & Orange County, located at 9823 Walker Street, Cypress, California. Phone is: 714-828-4161

For your convenience Monsters In Motion will have tickets on sale at their retail Gallery Wed-Saturday for $10.00 for all seats, or you can purchase them at the box office before the show.