BURBANK, CA - To celebrate more than 25 years of successful quality soundtracks, Milan Records has announced the release of five digitally remastered classic scores as part of its new Silver Screen Series. The titles are beautifully packaged in a stylish O-Card and have been digitally remastered to offer a sound quality that was not available at the time of their original release. Designed to give a new generation of music fans the opportunity to discover these gems, the special editions also feature exclusive bonus content, such as recent interviews with the composers and previously unreleased tracks. These first five titles in the series will be released on March 1, 2005.

BACKDRAFT- In addition to the two tracks by Bruce Hornsby & the Range, Hans Zimmer's beautiful, timeless score has been digitally remastered. The album also features a brand new interview with Zimmer, who shares details on his experience working with Ron Howard, finding the voice for this film, how he looks at his own writing, and more.

BARAKA - This cult favorite soundtrack has been digitally remastered and now includes the opening theme of the film, which was not available on the original release. Composer Michael Stearns rediscovered the original recording after more than 10 years, and remastered it exclusively for this release.

A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT - This Academy Award nominated score has been digitally remastered, restoring the music to its original brilliant sound.
The album also includes an exclusive interview with Mark Isham, who speaks about his collaboration with Robert Redford and his memories of this unique project.

A WALK IN THE CLOUDS - The Golden Globe Award winning score by music legend Maurice Jarre has been digitally remastered and includes an in-depth interview with Jarre, who shares his thoughts on the role of film music, his experience working with various directors, and his view on film music today.

NAKED LUNCH - This remarkable soundtrack, composed by Academy Award winner Howard Shore and jazz great Ornette Coleman, is one of the first modern scores to seriously mix the spontaneity of jazz and the classicism of film music to create a unique and cohesive album. As part of the Silver Screen series, it has been digitally remastered, restoring the true sound of this one of a kind soundtrack.

Milan Entertainment, Inc. has a proven dedication to releasing quality, award-winning soundtracks for film and television, as well as cutting edge electronic, world and Latin music. Its catalog includes such notable soundtracks as Ghost, Mulholland Drive, Monsoon Wedding, Spirited Away, Talk To Her, City of God, Bend It Like Beckham, and Robert Rodriguez's Once Upon A Time In Mexico. Milan Entertainment, an independently owned label with offices in Burbank, California and Paris, France, is distributed by WEA Inc., Warner Music Group's manufacturing and distribution operation.