BURBANK, CA - On June 7, 2005, Milan Records will release the soundtrack of Brothers in the United States. This original and melodious score also includes the song "When I'm Coming Home" (written by Jesper Winge Leisner) performed by Andrew Strong.

On Brothers, new European wonder of music for film, Johan Soderqvist, has composed a score that balances between truth and lies, darkness and light. Johan Soderqvist has the energy and the creativity of a young Gabriel Yared when he was working with Jean-Jacques Beinex in France. Instead of coming up with a typical and easy dark score, Johan has created a musical suite that expresses beautifully and harmoniously the complexity of the drama that surrounds the characters of Brothers. The music is a mixture of Middle Eastern and traditional European influence where the bandoneon and the Arabic oud are harmoniously married with finesse. Johan has found beauty in the ugly and ugliness in the beautiful. His music both embraces the characters when they seak comfort and graces the story with light and darkness.

Directed by Susanne Bier (the award-winning director of the Dogma film Open Hearts), Brothers vibrantly tells the lives of two very different brothers that become simultaneously intertwined and thrust apart. Jannik (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) is released from prison and embraced by his brother Michael (Ulrich Thomsen), an upright soldier and family man to be deployed in Afghanistan. Back home, Jannik gets back to his life as an alcoholic deviant son. Shortly after his deployment, Michael's helicopter crashes in the mountains of Afghanistan and he is presumed dead. Jannik summons previously untapped maturity, aiding and comforting Michael's two daughters and wife Sarah (Connie Nielsen). As Sarah and Jannik grow closer, their dependence intensify. Michael is found alive. He comes back, holder of a terrible secret that will change his family life forever....Brothers has been produced by the famous Danish studio, Zentropa (home of Lars Von Trier and movies such as Dogville, The Celebration, Dancer In The Dark).

The soundtrack of Brothers also features the beautiful song When I'm Coming Home writen by Jesper Winge Leisner. Worldwide famous singer, Andrew Strong (star of The Commitments and the creator of albums such as Out Of Time and Gypsy's Kiss that have all gone platinum) performs it. His vocals are delicately performed and maintain an untamed trace of life experience. This song has the innocence of a lullaby and the comfort of sweet home.