Nearly 200 musicians including choir performed the World Premiere last night of The Passion of The Christ Symphony under the direction of the Academy Award nominated composer John Debney. After the concert ended, the applause continued with a 15 minute standing ovation. Archbishop John Foley, the president of the Pontifical Council attended the event and blessed Debney for his inspirational work.

Soloist and special performers included mezzosoprano/co-lyricist Lisbeth Scott, soprano Nicole Tibbels, Tenor Cristiano Cremonini, along with woodwind players Pedro Eustache and Chris Bleth. The event was held at the Cavea Dell'Auditorium Parco Della Musica along with the Orchestra and choir of the Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecelia (The National Academy of Santa Cecilia. The new original work conducted by John Debney included a visual presentation of great works of art reflecting Jesus Christ in various stages of his life, death and resurrection.