A few weeks ago, the union reached a deal in regards to soundtrack releases, and re-use fees. Details are still unconfirmed, but the basics seem to be that for any score recorded after August 2, 2005, the first 14,999 CDs manufactured will be re-use free. After that number, however, there might be a cost of upwards of 50% re-use that has to be paid.

In addition, the "low-budget rate" limit has been raised, to allow movies with a low-budget (upwards of $5-million) to get a special discounted rate. In the past, a film that cost that much would not have been eligible for this lower rate.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet - so what you're reading here is subject to clarifiaction and correction - and online posts don't mention the August 2 date, which would negate the idea that older scores will suddenly be released.
UPDATED July 12, 2005: Apparently the deal has yet to be ratified by the general membership, which is why details are sketchy at best. Once the conference has convened, look for more updated coverage on the final details!