New York, NY, August 17 - TVT Records pioneered the TV theme compilation album two decades ago with Television\'s Greatest Hits. In September, they will release the genre\'s definitive collection—TEE VEE TOONS: ALL-TIME TOP 100 TV THEMES.

Now during the 20th Anniversary of Tee Vee Toons, it\'s time once again to pay tribute to the stellar talent that has contributed to the genre. This includes such stars as John Sebastian ("Welcome Back" from Welcome Back, Kotter, a #1 pop hit in 1976), Jan Hammer (Miami Vice, a #1 pop hit in 1985), Al Jarreau (Moonlighting, a #23 pop hit in 1987), The Rembrandts ("I\'ll Be There For You" from Friends, a #17 pop hit in 1995) and Vonda Shepherd (Ally McBeal, a #16 pop hit in 1998) among others.

The track listings on the 2-disc collection were compiled through extensive research of music chart positions, TV Guide rankings and series popularity. An exhaustive search has unearthed the original versions of such classic themes as Gilligan\'s Island, My Three Sons, WKRP In Cincinnati, The Brady Bunch, Batman and others. While previous compilations relied on recreations where original recordings were not available, every track on ALL-TIME TOP 100 TV THEMES is available here from pristine sources for the first time in one collection.

Where as prior volumes only covered specific eras of television music, this is the ultimate Tee Vee Toons collection that covers a full five decades, working backward from current and recent favorites like Six Feet Under and Sex & The City to the classics of yesteryear including The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy.

ALL-TIME TOP 100 TV THEMES is the inaugural release of TVT\'s newly branded Tee Vee Toons All Original Television Themes series, which will feature nothing less than the original recordings by the original performers just the way fans heard them on TV—no more re-recordings or recreations.

In 1985, TVT Records president and founder Steve Gottlieb launched what is now the nation\'s #1 independent record company from his New York City apartment when he released the first Television\'s Greatest Hits album. A worldwide smash hit, it was one of biggest independent successes of the decade and the first of its kind - a compilation chronicling the history of the TV theme song through the years. TVT had tapped into America\'s (and the world\'s) love of music on TV and their nostalgia for classic TV shows.

Says Steve Gottlieb: "The success of our TV Themes franchise over the past twenty years reflects the unacknowledged place of television music as our true modern folk culture, embraced and loved by young and old across every boundary of personal taste. They are our great musical common ground and a true American art form."

ALL-TIME TOP 100 TV THEMES is guaranteed to evoke strong emotional responses from television lovers of all ages.