The 48th Annual Grammy Award Nominations were announced this morning. The winners will be announced on Wednesday, February 8, 2006, and broadcast on CBS from 8-11:30pm. Below are the list of film-music related nominations.


The Aviator
Howard Shore, composer

The Incredibles
Michael Giacchino, composer
[Walt Disney Records]

Million Dollar Baby
Clint Eastwood, composer
[Varèse Sarabande Records]

Craig Armstrong, composer
[Atlantic/Rhino/WMG Soundtracks]

Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith
John Williams, composer
[Sony Classical /Sony Music Soundtrax]


Glen Ballard & Alan Silvestri, songwriters (Josh Groban)
Track from: The Polar Express
[Warner Sunset/Reprise; Publishers: Warner Olive Music, Aerostation Corp., Universal-MCA Music Publishing, Jobanala Music.]

Cold Wind
The Arcade Fire, songwriters (The Arcade Fire)
Track from: Six Feet Under Volume 2 - Everything Ends
[Astralwerks/EMI; Publisher: Copyright Control/SOCAN.]

Million Voices
Jerry Duplessis, Andrea Guerra & Wyclef Jean, songwriters (Wyclef Jean)
Track from: Hotel Rwanda
[Commotion Records; Publishers: Huss-Zwing Publishing, Sony/ATV Publishing, Te-Bass Music, Mott Street Music.]

Square One
Tom Petty, songwriter (Tom Petty)
Track from: Elizabethtown
[RCA/ Vinyl Films; Publisher: Adria K Music.]

Wonka\'s Welcome Song
John August & Danny Elfman, songwriters (Danny Elfman)
Track from: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
[Warner Sunset; Publishers: Warner-Barham Music, Little Maestro Music.]

BEST INSTRUMENTAL (Composer\'s Award)

Anakin\'s Betrayal
John Williams, composer (John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra and London Voices)
Track from: Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith - Soundtrack
[Sony Classical /Sony Music Soundtrax]

The Ferry Scene
John Williams, composer (John Williams)
Track from: War Of The Worlds - Soundtrack

The Incredits
Michael Giacchino, composer (Various Artists)
Track from: The Incredibles - Soundtrack
[Walt Disney Records]

Into The Light
Billy Childs, composer (Billy Childs Ensemble)
Track from: Lyric
[Lunacy Music/Artistshare]

Journey Home
Maria Schneider, composer (Dana Landry)
Track from: Journey Home
[Summit Records, Inc.]

Steiner: The Adventures Of Mark Twain
William Stromberg, conductor (Moscow Symphony Orchestra)

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