June 30 - July 2, 2006

In 1959, producer Samuel Bronston, with the encouragement of the Spanish government, opened a studio in Madrid and began to make such classic films as "King of Kings", "El Cid", and "The Fall of the Roman Empire". This set out to be the beginning of a long and strong affection between the people of Madrid and cinema, with their heart always beating to the cinematic rhythm. Other films which followed, like "Doctor Zhivago", "Conan the Barbarian", "The Good the Bad and the Ugly", "A Fistfull of Dollars" or "Circus World" were also shot in Madrid, the centre of the Spanish film industry, only to make this bond even stronger. Film is in the blood of the "madrileños"... and film music is no exception, at all. No city in Spain loves film music like Madrid. Here you can engage in revealing, particularly interesting, imaginative and rewarding discussions with thousands of film music lovers although the till-now unfortunate event for those fans that had to travel to other cities in order to attend film music concerts and to watch their favourite composers perform live is now over, and for good!

The Madrid film music festival is now a fact and it was primarily conceived as a big and cerebral gathering for Film music lovers, not only in Spain, but also from the rest of Europe. Our city is able to organize an event like this as we enjoy modern infrastructures, luxurious hotels and world class orchestras along with great Auditoriums and festival halls like the Teatro Monumental; Moderns Hall Conferences like the "Palacio de Congresos de Madrid" and old and beautiful theatres like the "Cine Doré.

The Festival would essentially be a weekend of joy and entertainment where conferences will make up the mornings and Concerts the magical nights.

There will be two Symphonic Concerts scheduled for the Festival, one with Trevor Jones and another with Harry Gregson Williams. We´ll also have important and interesting film music conferences with composers like Gabriel Yared, Christopher Young, Roque Baños, José Nieto and Lucio Godoy among others.

There is a very popular proverb in Madrid: \"From Madrid to Heaven\" ("De Madrid al Cielo"). It is a proverb describing how welcoming, kind, prosperous and beautiful our city really is. Nothing came so near to realisation before, except in 2006, when with this festival providing a mantle for our heavenly musical dreams, we will all be at the closest point to this proverb, ever.

The exact dates for the festival ‘"I Festival de Música de Cine de Madrid", are as follows: 30 June, 1 & 2 July of 2006, taking place in Madrid, SPAIN

More specifically, the activities of the festival will include conferences / Masterclass / Roundtable with acclaimed, famous composers Gabriel Yared, Trevor Jones, Harry Gregson Williams, Christopher Young, Roque Baños, José Nieto and Lucio Godoy among others. Events’ schedule will be formed up in the three days like this:

Friday Night will feature a Symphonic Concert for Orchestra and Choir where Harry Gregson Williams will conduct a series of his own works. In Saturday Night we’ll enjoy one Symphonic Concert for Orchestra with Trevor Jones, conducting his own Works and in Sunday, the Filmmusic Collector Market will take place.

Now, only for the first 250 bookings we will offer a fascinating Live Music performance, taking place in the famous old theatre, Cine Doré, where composer Xavi Font and his chamber quartet group, consisting of guitar, flute, violin and piano, will score live, for the audience, a selection of old silent movies’ shorts from the beginning of the last century. They will also be able to enjoy a Now Playing section where Jim Henson’s "The Dark Crystal" will be presented and The Short Competition which will be a show with shorts films from ECAM Student (National Spanish Film Institute), all under the presence of Harry Gregson Williams.

You could reserve you Vip pass in advance, through the website and without reservation costs with the advantages of this option being:

- Ticket for the A Zone (In front of the Orchestra), for each Concert.

- Access at the Filmmusic Conferences in Friday the 30th June.

- Catering for the Friday Conferences.

- Gift: Catalogue and Booklet from the Festival

- Airfares Discounts.

- Hotel Discounts.

- Discounts for the \"Soundtrack Collector Market\"

V.I.P ticket price will be 120 € and as mentioned above, only the First 250 to book will have the right to attend at the events taking place in the Cine Doré, on Saturday the 1st of July described above.

Tickets for the Concert will be available at the beginning of next year.

For more info visit the official website at http://soncinemad.com/ or e-mail to: info@soncinemad.com