After the success of their new recording of THE GUNS OF NAVARONE by Dimitri Tiomkin, James Fitzpatrick and Tadlow Music have just finished the recording sessions in Prague for the first every complete and authentic recording of Elmer Bernstein\'s TRUE GRIT.

Thanks to the help of Eve Bernstein, Pat Russ, John Waxman and Paramount Pictures, Tadlow Music was given access to the original scores orchestrated by Leo Shuken and Jack Hayes, These original scores were then transcribed and programmed onto the Sibelius sofware notation programme, so that not only could new and pristine parts be prepared for the recording but Elmer original score would be preserved and archived. (The original \"soundtrack\" album of 1969 was always a disappointment being \"Pop\" arrangements of the main themes!)

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra have given and exciting and bold performance conducted by James Fitzpatrick, with bonus tracks including selections from BIG JAKE, CAHILL U.S. MARSHALL, THE SONS OF KATIE ELDER and THE SHOOTIST.

As with THE GUNS OF NAVARONE this will be a Limited Edition release of 3000 due out at the end of April / beginning pf May.