Aaron Zigman, one of Hollywood\'s fastest-rising composers with his soundtracks for "The Notebook," "Alpha Dog," "Flicka," "ATL, "Take the Lead" and "Akeelah and the Bee" will now be scoring "The Attackmen" for director Topher Straus ("Krush").

Set on the lacrosse fields and schoolrooms of a private Catholic school, "The Attackmen" stars Nick Slatkin ("The Clique") as a Jewish student who encounters prejudice as a life-altering game approaches. This 35 mm dramatic short also stars Marshall Bell ("Capote"), Dominic Keating ("Star Trek- Enterprise"), Jeffrey Combs ("The Frighteners") and Michael Shamus Wiles ("Fight Club").

A composer who\'s skilled at both powerful drama ("John Q.") and intriguing musical textures ("Akeelah and the Bee"), Zigman will be applying both to "The Attackmen"\'s emotional story of a young man coming to grips with the anger around him. "The Attackmen" will be premiering at film festivals this year.

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