July 21, 2006 will mark the second anniversary of Jerry Goldsmith passing away. Surely one on the most influential and beloved film music composers of all times, Goldsmith\'s music has and still is playing a major role in the lives of many film music enthusiasts and struggling composers around the world.

For this reason, the organisers of II International Film Music Conference - City of Úbeda have decided not to miss the occasion to pay due homage to his persona through a series of events that will include, inter alias, a 20 minutes concert to be conducted by award-winning composer John Debney as well as many other thrilling activities focusing on the musician\'s work.

Furthermore, this time the symposium will be honoured with the announced presence of his widow Carol and his son Aaron who will, moreover, assist the organisers (the BSOSpirit Society) in launching the Jerry Goldsmith Award: a newly instated prize in the memory of this remarkable composer that should vitally contribute to recognising the talent of young film music composers in Europe.

For further information about envisaged activities and the Jerry Goldsmith Award Competition, please pay us a visit at: http://congreso.bsospirit.com/index_e.html.