For the second year running, in partnership with the SACEM, The International Pavilion of film Music will appear at the Festival of Cannes 2006.

From now on, officially recognised; the UCMF (Union of Film Music Composers) wishes to provide a welcoming meeting place for composers worldwide to get together at Cannes. It is a professional and convivial space with information and services, conducive to reflection and exchanges.

The UCMF will also welcome the first European federation of film music composers. (FFACE- The Federation of Film and Audiovisual Composers of Europe), recently created at the MIDEM 2006. FFACE will hold its first General Assembly during the festival.

The International Pavilion of Film Music will be situated in the French International village (Esplanade Pantiero).

The composer Patrick Doyle (Nanny McPhee, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hamlet, Indochine,...) will be this year\'s Honorary Sponsor of the International Pavilion of Film Music.

For the entire length of the festival, the UCMF will organise professional meetings, cocktails and live musical performances around the theme of film music.


Monday 22nd May from 09.30 to 11.30 - Plage Royale:

First International Film Music Conference:

  • Subject: “The future of European Film music in the world”, conference - debate hosted by FFACE (Federation of Film and Audiovisual Composers of Europe), in partnership with Musique Info Hebdo.

Tuesday 23rd May from 09.30 to 11.30 - Plage Les Goëlands:

  • Subject: “Music and Script”, conference - debate

Tuesday 23rd May from 15.00 to 17.00 - International Pavilion of Film music:

  • Subject: “Young composers, young producers and short films: The opportunity to meet”, round table in partnership with the Short Film Corner.

Wednesday 24th May from 9.30 to 11.30 - Plage Les Goëlands:

  • Subject: “The Economics of Film music”. Conference - debate with Ecran Total

Thursday 25th May from 09.30 to 11.30 - Plage Les Goëlands:

  • Subject: “The teaching of film music in Europe” conference - debate


Monday 22nd May at 12.00 - International Pavilion of Film music:

  • Cocktail with film music composers and Musique Info Hebdo

Tuesday 23rd May at 12.00 - International Pavilion of Film music:

  • Writers cocktail with the SACD

Wednesday 24th May at 12.00 - International Pavilion of Film music:

  • European composers: Cocktail in honour of Germany

Thursday 25th May at 12.00 - International Pavilion of Film music:

  • Short Films Cocktail


Tuesday 23d May and Wednesday 24th May at 20.45 - Cinéma de la Plage:

  • Didier Riey / The Crazy Violin (Jazz manouche and cinema)


UCMF has also developed, in collaboration with Manufactor/Stephen Melchiori, several communication tools; principally:

  • “Music at the Heart of Image”, a sixty page brochure containing analysis, points of view and editorials from personalities in the world of music and cinema. Printed in 30.000 copies, it will be freely distributed in the pavilion and at all relevant events.
  • A specific website: showing news about film music at the festival. You will find interviews, the Pavilion Diary (cocktails, events), information on films, not to be missed for their original music, other practical information and a repertory of composers.

Another first for this 59th Cannes Festival: The creation of two prizes for “Film Music” FRANCE MUSIQUE / UCMF.

  • The France Music prize for original film soundtrack will be awarded for the composer who has recently written a musical score for the cinema. The winner will be awarded, by Radio France, a command for a piece to be created especially for the 2007 Cannes Festival and performed by the Cannes-Provence-Alpes-Côte-d\'Azur, orchestra.

The “UCMF Prize for Film Music” will be awarded by the UCMF for other musical categories.

These prizes will be awarded at the occasion of a special ceremony on the 21st May at 12.00 on the Plage Royale.

The PIMF (International Pavilion of Film Music) welcomes its guests everyday, at lunch time, at the ‘Open Bar\' which will be the place for informal and convivial meetings around a piano.

The first FFACE General Assembly (Federation of Film and Audiovisual composers of Europe) will take place in the presence of numerous European composers and the member associations: Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France; Great Britain, Sweden and Switzerland.

A Formal Dinner will be organized for the guests of the SACEM and the UCMF on a beach at Cannes (Location still pending) on Saturday 20th May

Finally the film music composers will participate in the following events:

Speed dating, organised by the ADAMI, Monday 22nd May from 14.30 to 17.00 - ADAMI Pavilion (Pantiero) 

Debate on the legal and economic aspects of film music, organised by the ANPE at the French Film Commission Pavilion (Pantiero) on Saturday 20th May from 10.00 to 12.00

The conference-debate “Copyrights\', Teachers Homework” organised by the National Education Authority, which will take place on Friday 26th May from 11.30 to 13.30 at the Miramar Movie Theatre.

International Pavilion of Film Music  (PIMF)
\"Village International France\" - La Pantiero

Coordination : Séverine Abhervé
Cell. +33(0)6 26 82 25 26
E-mail :