Alba Regia, once and for many centuries the coronation city of Hungary, a short distance from the capital Budapest, hosted their second international Film Festival. Maurice Jarre, who earlier had worked with Hungarian director István Szabó on the film Sunshine, visited for a couple of days, before being awarded the Silver Orb for his lifetime\'s work at the award ceremony on June 3rd at the Vörösmarty theatre of the town.

In a press conference, Jarre compared working with István Szabó to his collaboration with David Lean, as he called Szabó similarily precise. Szabó seemed to be very nervous when starting their work on Sunshine, thinking that Jarre - being a famous composer - might be very hard to work with. As Jarre recalled to the Hungarian press, he reassured the director that he is doing the best for the film and is willing to follow changing requests. From that point on, their collaboration was very relaxed. Jarre also said that if István Szabó would call him now for another film, he would be at his service without hesitation.

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