The American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers (ASMAC) will honor the multi talented James Newton Howard with its 67th Annual “Golden Score Award” for film composition on September 29th at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City, California. Celebrated songwriter/arranger Jeremy Lubbock will receive the Golden Score for arranging under the auspices of the Irwin Kostal Tribute Award. Cocktails begin at 6:30 PM and the dinner and award show at 7:30 PM.

Nominated for six Oscars®, three Grammy® and three Golden Globe awards, the Emmy®-winning pianist, composer, arranger and conductor was also awarded ASCAP’s prestigious Henry Mancini Award for Lifetime Achievement. James Newton Howard, a versatile composer who has worked in film, television, recording and performing industries has written nearly 90 scores for film and television, is also widely recognized as a multi talented pop performer, arranger and orchestrator. Newton Howard has a rich history with performers as diverse as Elton John and Randy Newman. He is perhaps best known to the movie-going public and film music cognoscenti for his long association with director M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense,” “Signs,” “The Village” and “Lady in the Water”), as well as multiple scores for directors such as Lawrence Kasdan, Joel Schumacher and Michael Hoffman. Upcoming films include “Michael Clayton,” and “The Lookout,” both for first-time directors who wrote films he scored.

Classically trained at the Santa Barbara Musical Academy and USC in piano studies and composition, Newton Howard’s keen interest in a variety of music moved him away from the concert circuit (although he has often used finely honed classical performers such as Hilary Hahn) has often said that after his first feature (“Head Office”), he “never looked back.”

Sharing the evening honors will be Jeremy Lubbock, nominated for an Academy Award and no less than 15 Gammy® Awards, winning three. He will be presented the award named after the legendary conductor/arranger/orchestrator Irwin Kostal.

Born and raised in England, Lubbock was also exposed at an early age, although self-schooled, in classical music for which he devoted himself until his late teens when he discovered both the American songbook and jazz, and the combination proved fortuitous. He made his foray into the professional world as a club singer and musician and caught the attention of the Beatle’s producer George Martin, who hired him for a one off recording of “Catch a Falling Star.” From there, Lubbock moved into network television with the BBC and ITV, using his talent in both classical and pop music where his skill as arranger and conductor prevailed while working with big band and radio orchestras.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Lubbock went on to work as an arranger and producer with a remarkable number and variety of national performers, ranging from Barbra Streisand to Joni Mitchell, Quincy Jones, P Diddy, Whitney Houston, David Foster, and recently with Rod Stewart for his standards series. His Grammy awards were for “Hard Habit to Break” (Chicago), “Grace” (U.S. Olympics gymnastic theme) and “When I Fall in Love (Celine Dion/Clive Griffin). His Oscar® nod was for his stunning arrangements for “The Color Purple.”

Proceeds of the evening will benefit ASMAC’s educational programs and fund the “Don Costa, Gordon Jenkins, Nelson Riddle Memorial Scholarship for Musical Excellence in arranging and the “Irwin Kostal Memorial Scholarship” for composing,

The American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers was founded in 1938. Through monthly luncheons, seminars, master classes, workshops and award events, ASMAC strives to bring long term members into contact with students and young professionals seeking to become composers or arrangers in an unofficial mentorship program. The organization also offers annual scholarships in both arranging and composing.

The Golden Score event is open to the public. For information and ticket prices, contact The Proper Image at 818-994-4661. Further information about ASMAC’s numerous programs and events is available through their web site,