Dramatico Entertainment will be releasing the soundtrack to Miss Potter, featuring music by Nigel Westlake and Rachel Portman, on January 8, 2007.

The life of Beatrix Potter, the most successful classic children\'s author of all time, is the most enchanting tale of all and the film \'Miss Potter\' is a magical love story inspired by her life. Starring Renée Zellweger (Bridget Jones, Chicago & Cold Mountain) & Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, Star Wars) the film is directed by Academy Award-nominated Chris Noonan.

Set in London and the Lake District in 1902, Beatrix Potter is a woman ahead of her time, a free spirit who defies the conventions of her Victorian upbringing to create a publishing phenomenon. Going against the wishes of her parents she secretly falls in love and becomes engaged to her publisher, Norman Warne.

The soundtrack to \'Miss Potter\' is an orchestral score composed by the award winning Nigel Westlake (Babe) with additional music by Rachel Portman (Oliver Twist, Benny & Joon, Chocolat). The lush, romantic and beautiful score takes the listener on a journey through Beatrix Potter\'s life, the creation of her much-loved characters, her personal turmoil and the beauty of the Cumbrian countryside (where the film is predominantly set).

Katie Melua performs \'When You Taught Me How To Dance\', the vocal adaptation of the orchestral theme tune.

Tracklisting 1. Miss Potter
2. The Park
3. A Bunny Book to Conjure With
4. The Story of Peter Rabbit
5. Mother
6. Jemima Puddle Duck
7. The Rabbits\' Christmas Party
8. \"Mr Warne!\"
9. Beatrix & Norman
10. Return to London
11. Beatrix Locks Herself Away
12. Recovery
13. \'I\'m Painting Again\'
14. The Lakes
15. When You Taught Me How To Dance - performed by Katie Melua

Music Composed by: Nigel Westlake Tracks 1, 3 - 10, 12 & 13
Additional Music Composed by: Rachel Portman Tracks 2, 11 & 14
Track 15 \'When You Taught Me How To Dance\'. Performed by Katie Melua. Music by Nigel Westlake and Mike Batt. Lyrics by Mike Batt and Richard. Maltby jr.
Produced and arranged by Mike Batt.

MISS POTTER is released in cinemas nationwide on 5th January 2007.