The African Children\'s Choir announces their involvement on a song that can be heard in the Warner Bros. released film Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This renowned troupe recorded "Nangirira" and it is used in the final moments of the film. They also did a few other sounds and music throughout the film and during some noticeable moments at the beginning. The film releases to theaters nationwide on December 8th.

On the scene for the last 22 years, the African Children\'s Choir has been heard and seen across the world. Their personal stories of triumph through adversity is heard through their music and they have taken it to events including the UN General Assembly; with George Clooney, Lindsay Lohan and Ellen DeGeneres; Live8 with Mariah Carey, Annie Lennox and Sting; and the 46664 Concert with Will Smith and Nelson Mandela among others.

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