From director, John Curran (We Don\'t Live Here Anymore) comes the film version of W. Somerset Maugham\'s celebrated novel, The Painted Veil. The Warner Independent film features original music composed by award winning composer, Alexandre Desplat with piano solos by international phenom, Lang Lang and cello player, Vincent Segal. The soundtrack will be released on Deutsche Grammophon January 9th.

A turbulent romantic drama set in the 1920s, The Painted Veil, directed by John Curran and Caroline Link, follows a young English couple, a conservative doctor (Edward Norton) and a restless society girl (Naomi Watts), who marry hastily, relocate to Shanghai where they betray each other, and find an unexpected chance at redemption and happiness while on a deadly journey into the heart of ancient China.

Composer Alexandre Desplat received his first Golden Globe nomination in 2004 for his score for the film Girl With A Pearl Earring and his recent English-language credits also include Birth, Syriana, Hostage and The Upside of Anger. Earlier this year, he won the Berlin Film Festival\'s Silver Bear prize for his music for the French film The Beat That My Heart Skipped and he is a two-time nominee for the Cesar Award, France\'s equivalent of the Oscar. Desplat\'s score for Girl With A Pearl Earring also won him BAFTA and European Film Academy nominations.

Known for his rich orchestral writing laced with lush sounds, Desplat\'s compelling score for The Painted Veil compliments this epic tale of deceit and vengeance. Lang Lang\'s unique affinity for evoking the music of his native China made him a perfect fit for this movie, set in that country\'s beautiful and remote villages. Beginning with the title track, the soundtrack dives right into telling the tale of lust and betrayal. Other tracks such, as \"The River Waltz and \"Water Wheel\" feature Lang Lang\'s electrifying virtuosity that induce feelings of suspense and urgency. Vincent Segal\'s crisp cello playing in tracks like \"The End of Love\" exudes sorrow and heartache.

The Painted Veil releases in New York and Los Angeles on December 20th and nationwide on December 29th. The soundtrack releases in January 9th in concurrence with Lang Lang\'s release of Dragon Songs.


Music Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted by Alexandre Desplat

Featured Piano Soloist: LANG LANG

[1] The Painted Veil [3\'18]
[2] Gnossienne No 1 (Erik Satie 1866-1925) [3\'22]
[3] Colony Club [2\'08]
[4] River Waltz [2\'23]
[5] Kitty\'s Theme [3\'07]
[6] Death Convoy [2\'49]
[7] The Water Wheel [6\'20]
[8] The Lovers [1\'26]
[9] Promenade [2\'04]
[10] Kitty\'s Journey [2\'49]
[11] The Deal [3\'22]
[12] Walter\'s Mission [3\'55]
[13] The Convent [0\'50]
[14] River Waltz [2\'26]
[15] Morning Tears [1\'51]
[16] Cholera [4\'22]
[17] The End of Love [4\'34]
[18] The Funeral [0\'51]
[19] From Shanghai to London [2\'03]

LANG LANG, piano (1-5, 7-10, 12, 14, 16, 19)
Vincent Segal, electric cello (1, 9-10, 12, 15-17, 19)
Jeff Boudreaux, Joel Grare, Philippe MacÚ, percussion
Alexandre Desplat, percussion, flutes, piano, keyboards
Prague Symphony Orchestra

English couple, Walter, a middle class doctor and Kitty, an upper-class woman, who get married for the wrong reasons and relocate to Shanghai, where she falls in love with someone else. When he uncovers her infidelity, in an act of vengeance, he accepts a job in a remote village in China ravaged by a deadly epidemic, and takes her along. Their journey brings meaning to their relationship and gives them purpose in one of the most remote and beautiful places on earth.

The film stars Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, Liev Schreiber and Toby Jones (who stars as Capote in \"Infamous\") and is directed by John Curran.