From Capitol/EMI:
A dazzling and unconventional contemporary re-telling of William Shakespeare\'s classic love story, Romeo+Juliet comes to life in a whole new way on February 6 as Capitol/EMI and Fox Home Entertainment celebrate the 1997 hit film\'s 10th anniversary with new commemorative releases. On February 6, Capitol/EMI will release an expanded 10th Anniversary Edition of the film\'s hit soundtrack on CD and digitally, and Fox Home Entertainment will release an expanded Music Edition DVD. Both releases include previously unreleased and newly produced material. Capitol/EMI\'s soundtrack is expanded to 18 tracks for the new 10th Anniversary Edition, featuring the original soundtrack\'s songs by Garbage, Radiohead, the Cardigans and Everclear, as well as five new additions, including a brand new 2007 remix of Baz Luhrmann\'s "Everybody\'s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" by Quindon Tarver, and, also making its release debut, Tarver\'s version of "When Dove\'s Cry" as it was performed in the film.

Filled with an array of bonus materials produced by writer/producer/director Baz Luhrmann\'s (Strictly Ballroom, Moulin Rouge) production company Bazmark, Fox Home Entertainment\'s Romeo+Juliet Music Edition DVD takes audiences on a spectacular journey through the sonic montage of the lavish musical odyssey. Special features include three new audio commentaries including one by Luhrmann, a comprehensive 40 minute documentary that takes you on an exploration of the soundtrack creation - a crucial part of the film\'s creative success - with music producing icons Craig Armstrong (Moulin Rouge, World Trade Center) and Marius DeVries (Moulin Rouge, "Madonna: The Video Collection 93:99"), three new "Journey of The Song" featurettes and the Music Machine, a juke box function that takes you to your favorite music in the film, and more. The wildly inventive and utterly unforgettable Oscar®-nominated* adaptation features scintillating performances from the brightest stars in Hollywood, including Leonardo DiCaprio (The Departed, Titanic), Claire Danes (Shopgirl, The Family Stone), John Leguizamo (Summer Of Sam, Moulin Rouge), Harold Perrineau ("Lost," The Matrix Reloaded), Paul Rudd (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman), Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Malibu\'s Most Wanted) and Pete Postlethwaite (The Omen, Jurassic Park: The Lost World).