The newly formed Hollywood Youth Orchestra will be holding city-wide auditions in early March of 2007. Instrumentalists who are 17 years of age and younger at the time of the auditions are eligible to audition.

The Hollywood Youth Orchestra is tentatively scheduled to begin rehearsals within the weeks following the auditions. All rehearsals will take place on Saturday mornings at the Hollywood United Methodist Church (on the corner of Franklin and Highland) from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon.

All interested instrumentalists are required to prepare the repertoire listed below for their instrument. No exceptions will be made.

AUDITION INFORMATION: To request an audition or for further details, please call The Harmony Project office at (323) 462-4311. This repertoire list and other details can be directly printed from our website at


  • Scales (see chart below)—all scales are MAJOR scales unless otherwise noted
  • Chromatic Scale (see chart below)—NOT required for string players
  • Solo piece: this can be one movement of a concerto or an etude; please be sure to perform a selection which accurately displays your abilities.
  • Please be prepared to sight-read
INSTRUMENT SCALES ascending and descending (number of octaves) CHROMATIC ascending and descending (starting note and/or range)
Flute B(2), Ab(2) 3 octaves (low C below the staff)
Oboe D(2), E(2) 2 ½ octaves (low Bb below the staff to high F)
Clarinet F(3), Eb(2) 3 octaves (E below the staff to E above)
Bassoon Bb (3), E (2) 3 octaves (low Bb)
French Horn Bb below middle C (2), F below middle C (2) 2 octaves (G below middle C)
Trumpet G(2), Eb(1) 2+ octaves (low F# below the staff to A above)
Trombone Bb (2), A (2) 2 octaves (F below the staff)
Bass Trombone Eb below the staff (2), D below the staff (2) 2 octaves (Eb below the staff)
Tuba F (2), D (1) 2 octaves (F an octave below the staff)
Violin G(3), A minor (3) Not required
Viola G(2), A (2) Not required
Cello D (3), C minor (3) Not required
Double Bass G (3), A minor (2) Not required
Harp Please prepare an etude of your choice (in addition to required solo) in place of scales Not required

Auditions will happen at a later time—please call the office for information