Two Berklee students in their last semester are proving the classic Sinatra tune true, "dreams can come true... if you\'re young at heart." In realizing their dream, composition and film scoring major Lucas Vidal has created an opportunity for 240 other students from five different schools located in New England, New York, and Florida to produce a large scale, live film score recording.

What the song didn\'t mention was the need to have a partner with a talent for pitching that dream and the know-how to create the blueprint for that dream. This is what Vidal found in Steve Dzialowski, also a senior, but in music business/management, from Brussels, Belgium.

On March 11, their combined talents will produce a live recording of one of Vidal\'s original scores in Boston\'s Symphony Hall (BSH) completely organized by their 27- member, all-student team. The pair dreamed of creating a large-scale project that would emulate the professional jobs they and their classmates hope to have one day. As a result they will literally bring the kind of stuff movies are made of to what is considered one of the finest concert halls in the world.

The two have partnered with the Dave School at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL, known for its animation, and the Boston Conservatory, to cap off their final year. There will be 40 students from all but three of Berklee\'s 12 majors involved, including those from Music Production and Engineering handling sound for this large scale venue, with supervision from the BSH\'s house engineer. True to the method used for the movies, a mock-up team will create a computer simulation of the orchestration beforehand to insure the finished product will sound as expected. The New York Film Academy will be on board to produce a weekly making of video that will chronicle the project\'s progress on the web (www.and the New England School of Photography will capture all of the action.

Some might argue that in this case, the duo this is happening to is no ordinary "you," since the Spanish born Vidal was awarded the Richard Levy Award, BerkleeComposition department\'s highest honor. His seemingly superhuman talent suffered a mortal setback when he was diagnosed with Cancer at age 21 and he has invited children suffering with cancer to experience the recording through the Jimmy Foundation.

Dzialowski interned with Sony BMG Masterworks, which handles classical music, crossover, and soundtracks, last summer. It was during that internship that the classically trained pianist\'s love of the genre and business acumen meshed and the appeal of music for movies emerged. As the project manager for this event, Steve Dzialowski is coordinating the various parts of this program including the 27-member student team, the recording session and budgeting for the initiative.