In the early 1940s, producer David O. Selznick wanted to create a film with \"the healing power of psychiatry\" as its core theme...and he wanted Alfred Hitchcock to direct. Based on the 1928 Francis Beeding novel, /The House of Dr. Edwardes/, SPELLBOUND went into production with not only two charismatic stars (Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck), but also a famous surrealist artist to design the key dream sequence: Salvador Dali. The film opens at a mental clinic in the Alps, where director Murchison is about to retire and awaits his replacement, Dr. Edwards. Soon after Edwards arrives, he suffers strange outbursts triggered by parallel lines against white. Edwards love interest, Dr. Peterson (Bergman) investigates these strange occurrences and soon discovers that all is not as it appears with the mysterious Dr. Edwards, and events unfold in true Hitchcock suspense.

While SPELLBOUND received several Oscar nominations, it won just one: best original score. Miklos Rozsa\'s work on SPELLBOUND was his only project for Alfred Hitchcock and resulted in one of his most famous scores. Featuring a passionate love theme and a theremin to evocate a sense of paranoia, Rozsa fashioned a thrilling score that has been recorded in many guises. From single and double piano concertos, concert suites, highlights, and themes, SPELLBOUND has had plenty of exposure...but never has the score been recorded in its entirety, featuring the original orchestrations. Until now.

In a joint effort between Intrada and Belcanto, the SPELLBOUND score became a top priority for a full recording and it was compiled and restored by Rozsa expert Daniel Robbins. In late November 2006, the score was brought to Bratislava, Slovakia where it was recorded in its entirety with the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra at the Slovak Radio Concert Hall under the skillful baton of Allan Wilson and engineered by Peter Fuchs. For authenticity, an actual theremin was located in London and recorded at the Ridge Farm Studios in West Sussex. The theremin was performed by Celia Sheen. What has resulted is the last word on Rozsa\'s sumptuous score for SPELLBOUND,.

Although this recording will be released in April, starting today and continuing every few days until the album is released, we\'ll be adding video clips from the behind the scenes recording of this project, including comments from Daniel Robbins, Paul Talkington, Rozsa Society representative Alan Hamer, conductor Allan Wilson, Doug Fake, and many clips from the recording itself.

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INTRADA Special Collection - MAF 7099