As part of its ongoing effort to encourage and support young film composers, the BSOSpirit Society in Spain is proud to announce its Second Annual GoldSpirit Awards/Jerry Goldsmith Award Competition for Young Film and Audiovisual Composers.

Broken into four categories (Feature Length Production, Short Length Production, Project in Development/Free Creations, Best Young Composer Award), the competition is open to any composer, and you can submit more than one work if you so choose, as long as all the works submitted were finished between January 2006 and May 2007. All submissions must be received by May 31, 2007.

To enter the competition, please send the following materials:
- A tape or DVD of the work your music has been written for*
- An audio CD containing the isolated score.
- A brief resume clearly indicating your contact information
*if submitting for the "Project in Development / Free Creation" category, you must include a written description of the sequence/situation for each track on the audio CD.

Send the material to the following two addresses:
Mr. David Doncel Barthe
Maestro Bartolome, no. 25
Ubeda, Spain 23400

Mr. Conrado Xalabarder
Blasco de Garay, no. 55
Barcelona, Spain 08004

Be sure to email confirmation that your package has been sent, to ensure that it is fully processed.

The winners will be picked based on the effectiveness of the music in how it relates to the pictures it has been composed for, as well as the originality and novelty of the music. A panel of judges will pick five finalists in late June 2007, with the winners being announced at the International Film Music Conference in Ubeda, Spain, in July 2007.

Winners in the first three categories will receive a commemorative plaque for their efforts, as well as the opportunity to have their work showcased at a special microsite affiliated with The winner of the Best Young Composer Award will be formally invited to take part as a speaker on the "Emerging Talents Panel" at the next International Film Music Conference in the City of Ubeda.

For more information, please visit:

The International Film Music Conference - City of Úbeda will celebrate its third edition from July 19 - 22, 2007 in Úbeda, Spain.

Organised by The BSOSpirit Society, it has the support of the City Hall of Úbeda and many other public and private sponsors. To this date, the symposium has become one of the most memorable gatherings for film music enthusiasts around the world.

As it has been the case on previous occasions, hundreds of fans, composers and journalists are expected to enjoy the symphonic concert and the many sessions scheduled.

Visit the official site for the Conference: