BuySoundtrax Records will be releasing the soundtrack for The Creature Wasn\'t Nice. It is a limited edition, with only 1000 copies being pressed. Unfortunately only 993 of them will be sold, as the creature ate 7 copies. But what can we do about it? The creature ... just ... wasn\'t ... nice.

When asked to comment on these charges, the creature sang a rousing rendition of "I Want to Eat Your Face". A special Karaoke sing-a-long version of the song is available on the soundtrack, along with an alternate "Creature" vocal with orchestra. This recording is the first ever release of the complete soundtrack, with score composed by David Spear, songs (music and lyrics) by Bruce Kimmel, demos and music-only karaoke tracks of the songs heard in the film.

The Creature Wasn\'t Nice is an epic science fiction adventure so epic it makes the Lord of the Rings Trilogy seem like a short story, so science fictiony it makes Star Wars seem like a Jane Austen novel, so full of adventure it makes Indiana Jones seem like a paper pusher.

The film stars Leslie Nielsen as Captain Jameson of the spaceship Vertigo, whose crew explores a previously unknown planet and brings a mysterious ooze back to earth. The ooze grows into the Creature, who can only communicate by singing in a Vegas style lounge act. The creature denies all claims that Engelbert Humperdinck is his long lost son. Also appearing in the film are Cindy Williams, Gerrit Graham and Patrick Macnee, and introducing Ron Kurowski as the the creature how many actors have dreamed of saying that!

The Creature Wasn\'t Nice will star shipping on March 29.

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