Inside Film Music: Composers Speak, a unique collection of insightful, candid interviews with three dozen premier film composers—including Oscar winners and nominees - and who represent some of Hollywood\'s hierarchy through the last 60 years, has been published by Silman-James Press.
The conversations, which reveal the creative and collaborative process plied by the composers, were compiled and conducted by Christian DesJardins, a 29-year-old first-time author whose passion for film scores fueled the book (Silman-James Press, Los Angeles, Publication date" March 2007).
The dialogues speak clearly and intelligently to musicians and non-musicians alike, exploring the vital role that music plays in the film-goers experience and explores the emotional give-and-take that exists in the unions between film makers and composers.
Inside Film Music includes interviews with Academy Award winners John Barry (Dances with Wolves, Out of Africa, Goldfinger, Dr. No), Jan Kaczmarek (Finding Neverland), Rachel Portman (Mona Lisa Smile, The Cider House Rules, Chocolat, Emma), Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love, Captain Corelli\'s Mandolin, Billy Elliot), and Gabriel Yared (Cold Mountain, The Talented Mr. Ripley, City of Angels, The English Patient).
Oscar nominees conversing with DesJardins include Bruce Broughton (Silverado, The Presidio, Moonwalker), John Debney (Sin City, The Passion of the Christ, Bruce Almighty), Philip Glass (The Hours, Candyman, Notes on a Scandal), Mark Isham (The Black Dahlia, Home for the Holidays, Quiz Show), Don Davis (Matrix, Jurassic Park III), David Raskin (Laura, The Bad and the Beautiful, Forever Amber), Marc Shaiman (How Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, City Slickers, Misery), and Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, The Polar Express).
"More than anything else, the book documents how music accompanying moving pictures establishes an emotional connection with the audience like few other art forms," said DesJardins. "The conversations are a cross-section about the process of film composing, styles of film music and working in partnership with directors and other artists."

Other notable composers interviewed in Inside Film Music include Klaus Bedelt (Constantine, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), Mychael Danna (Little Miss Sunshine, Capote), Basil Poledouris (Robocop, Hunt for Red October), Jocelyn Pook (Eyes Wide Shut), John Powell (Shrek, The Bourne Supremacy), and Christopher Young (Runaway Jury, The Shipping News, Hard Rain).

INISDE FILM MUSIC: Composers Speak
Paper/$20.95, 348 pages, ISBN-1-879505-88-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-879505-88-9
Publication Date: March 2007
Silman-James Press, Los Angeles