Composer duo Cody Westheimer and Julia Newmann join forces to establish their new company NEW WEST STUDIOS. A comprehensive recording and mixing facility, NEW WEST consists of two control rooms, a shared live recording/instrument room and a screening room.

Westheimer\'s credits include dramatic documentaries (THE RUNNER, INNERSTATE, THE MAKING OF HELLBOY), television reality series (LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD, OCEAN ADVENTURES, CHRIS AND JOHN\'S ROADTRIP) and comedic feature films (NATIONAL LAMPOON\'S CATTLE CALL, THE HAND JOB.) He works out of Studio C, home to a JBL LSR4300 5.1 monitoring system. JBL\'s flagship surround monitoring system, in conjunction with custom Auralex Acoustical Treatments, insures accurate playback consistent with the dubstage.

Newmann, whose credits include GIVING FOR GIVING, FREEDOM PARK and THE $100,000 PYRAMID DVD GAME works in Studio J, also home to JBL LSR4300s.

The recording room, featuring top end mics and Millenia preamps, has a balanced, warm and neutral sound. The room is perfect for solo instrument recording for sweetening electronic tracks, as well as recording ensembles five players at a time. The recording room also houses a vast collection of world and western instruments. From guitars and autoharps to brass, world flutes and percussion, the collection is extensive and provides the acoustic feel lacking in much of today\'s music.

NEW WEST online can be found at