SONCINEMAD\'s organizing committee is thrilled to announce the presence of the well-known and particularly talented British-born composer, CHRISTOPHER GORDON in Soncinemad 2007 as an honorary guest. The composer of such films as "Moby Dick", "On The Beach", "Master and Commander" and "Salem\'s Lot" will be a part of our special film music concert which will serve as a fascinating tribute to all of our guest composers for this year\'s festival.

The special concert\'s repertoire will cover a rich and colorful selection of various pieces from the Soncinemad 2007 panelists\' best works including Christopher Gordon who will conduct for our audiences a live performance of a marvelous suite containing material lifted from the most fascinating and beautiful moments from his celebrated score for "On The Beach".

The event will be introduced and led by Christopher Young, Honorary President of Soncinemad, who will also present some of his music as part of an extraordinary concert the 29th June.

Christopher Gordon has spent the majority of his working career in Australia where he began working in the film music industry mid 1980s. 1998\'s "Moby Dick" was the first major step for the composer which brought him to the public\'s attention. His filmography also includes "On the Beach" with its highly-praised and loved score as well as the Oscar-winning "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" and the chillingly dark score for "Salem\'s Lot". Gordon has also written music for the concert hall, arts festivals and special events (sports and the Sydney Harbour Millennium Celebrations among others).

Spanish composer Carles Cases will also attend Soncinemad 2007. Cases was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1958 and he is a very successful Spanish composer. After his previous, long-time experience with big band and jazz (genres in which Cases still maintains interest and a certain degree of involvement) Cases successfully switched to film and TV productions in the late 1980s. International hits like "Los Sin Nombre", "Dagon" "Darkness" along with several films for director Ventura Pons are parts of his filmography and he was also nominated for a Goya Award (Spanish Oscar) in 1996 for his work on Pons\' "El PerquEede Tot Plegat"

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