Shigeru Umebayashi, one of the most beloved and respected film music composers of our time, and Spanish composer Αngel Illarramendi will attend and enrich the events of the 2nd annual Madrid Film Music Festival – Soncinemad 2007.

Award winning composer Shigeru Umebayashi was born in Japan in 1951 and after he moved from his leading duties with the 80’s rock band ‘EX’ to the field of film music, has became one of the most genuine and quality composers in the area. A particularly famous composer, especially Hong Kong, Umebayashi’s work as been internationally praised with one of his most well-known works being Wong Kar-Wai’s “In the Mood for Love”, Zhang Yimou’s “Lovers (House of the Flying daggers)” and Wong Kar-Wai’s successful “2046” in 2004. In Europe his was music has been adopted in various commercial advertisements such as “Nestle” and “Volkswagen” and he has also started to work for the film music industry of France and Greece.

Soncinemad 2007 will host Shigeru Umebayashi as a special guest and we’ll be privileged by a conference / masterclass he’ll offer for our attendants and which will be concentrated on his colorful and long-time career.

Soncinemad 2007’s organizing committee is also honored by the presence of Spanish composer Αngel Illarramendi for our events as he’ll offer a conference as well as conducting parts of his own work for our own special film music concert which will feature numerous prestigious appearances, tributes to our festival’s guest composers such as Christopher Gordon, Carles Cases, Shigeru Umebayashi, Angel Illarramendi and with more names to be announced shortly. The event will be introduced and led by Christopher Young, Honorary President of Soncinemad, who will also present some of his music as part of an extraordinary concert the 29th June in the “Kinepolis”, Madrid, Spain.

Illarramendi who was born in 1958 in Spain, is considered as one of the most gifted European composers for movies, even known as the \"Spanish Delerue.\" His unique talent in creating melodies, and his high sensibility put him on the higher places of the Spanish industry with his varicolored filmography including a wide variety of movies: from drama of “Yoyes” to the adventurous orchestral journeys of “Isla del cangrejo, La” and from thrillers like “Presence of Mind” to comedies (“΅Buen viaje, excelencia!”) and even music for animated films like “Rey de la granja, El”. He’s a frequent collaborator with famous Spanish producer Elνas Querejeta and has been nominated for the Goya Awards of the Spanish Academy as well as having won several CEC Awards.

You can preregister with us for Soncinemad 2007, through our official website:

Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiries and stay tuned as more information along with the names of all our participants (composers and area professionals) will be shortly released and also information regarding the specifics of our symphonic concerts.