Swedish soundtrack label MovieScore Media, pioneers in online distribution of high quality film music on the internet, announced today that it will expand its activities in the soundtrack business. After 20 exclusive online releases, the label will produce compact discs of all forthcoming albums in addition to its established internet distribution on www.moviescoremediashop.com and Apple\'s iTunes store (www.itunes.com). "Our releases clearly attracts the interest of many soundtrack collectors, but we know that some of them are reluctant to downloading music for various reasons. As a service to this group of connaisseurs, and to give the wonderful film scores we discover and promote an even greater exposure, all of our forthcoming albums will be available in both formats – online and on CD," commented executive producer Mikael Carlsson.

The first album to receive this treatment comes out on April 17, 2007, and features a highly original score from the award-winning art house picture THE PIANO TUNER OF EARTHQUAKES, directed by the Quay Brothers and produced by Terry Gilliam. The music is composed by up and coming UK composer Christopher Slaski, whose other scores include Beyond the Sea for Kevin Spacey and the Spanish Semen: Una historia de amor. Evoking the suggestive atmosphere of the film, his original score is both frighteningly beautiful – and beautifully frightening! The eclectic score uses Antonio Vivaldi\'s beautiful "Nisi Dominus" as its main theme, while selections from the late British composer Trevor Duncan\'s "The Unwanted" suite is used to a dreamlike effect.

THE PIANO TUNER OF EARTHQUAKES will be released on DVD in the US by Artificial Eye on April 17, co-inciding with the release of the soundtrack. The film tells the story of Malvina van Stille (Amira Casar), an opera singer who is abducted by the diabolical Dr. Emmanuel Droz (Gottfried John) just before her marriage with composer Adolfo Blin (Cesar Sarachu). Malvina is taken to the doctor\'s mansion in Azucena. He is a brain surgeon who wants to perform an unspeakable act on Malvina. Directed by the award-winning Quay Brothers (Institute Benjamenta) and executively produced by Terry Gilliam (12 Monkeys, Brazil, The Fisher King), The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes is a dark and highly original fairytale which has impressed festival audiences and critics all over the world. It was nominated to compete for the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival, where the film won two awards. Variety wrote that the film "impresses as a visually exquisite, rigorously intellectual" fable and New York Times defined it as a "idiosyncratic, highly original vision".

Christopher Slaski is a British composer of film and concert music. Born in 1974, he was educated at Queens\' College, Cambridge and at the Royal Academy of Music, where he was awarded the Eric Coates Prize. He continued his studies, specialising in music for film with Ennio Morricone and José Nieto. Amongst the films he has scored are Kevin Spacey\'s Beyond The Sea, the Spanish comedy Semen, una historia de amor (nominated for Best Spanish Score of 2005 by the Spanish Film Music Critics Awards) and the drama Cuadrilátero, whose score was recorded by the Brodsky Quartet. Other work includes documentaries, BBC and ITV television drama, news and current affairs themes, commercials and computer games. Christopher has composed numerous concert works, including the "Frank Lloyd Wright Suite", recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. In February 2006 he was invited to join the International Jury at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France.

MovieScore Media\'s THE PIANO TUNER OF EARTHQUAKES is available for download at www.moviescoremediashop.com and www.itunes.com. The CD will be exclusively distributed by Screen Archives Entertainment, www.screenarchives.com.

For more information and interview requests, please contact MovieScore Media\'s executive producer Mikael Carlsson at moviescore@bredband.net.