The SONCINEMAD organizing committee is extremely proud to announce that composer Gabriel Yared, a truly unique and greatly respected composer will attend the 2nd annual Madrid Film Music Festival – Soncinemad 2007.

Gabriel Yared, the multi-Awarded composer and Academy Award winner for "The English Patient" (Best Original Score, 1999) who was also nominated for "Cold Mountain" (2003) and "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (1999), was born in Born in Lebanon but has spent most of his working career in Paris, France where he moved during the early 1970’s after getting involved with the film music area and having worked as a songwriter and orchestrator for Johnny Halliday and Charles Aznavour amongst others until the early 1980’s when he became particularly famous while working in French cinema with films such as the Oscar winning \"Dangerous Moves\" (1984),\"Betty Blue\" (1986) and \"Camille Claudel\" (1988). In mid-80’s he started expanding his film music duties outside the European boundaries and became extremely well-known and loved, mostly due to an amazingly impressive filmography which includes \"The Lover\" (1991), \"Wings of Courage\" (1995), \"City of Angels\" (1998), \"The Talented Mr. Ripley\" (1999), \"Message in a Bottle\" (1999), \"Autumn in New York\" (2000), \"Possession\" (2002) and \"Cold Mountain\" (2003) among others. In 2004 his uniquely bold and impressively outstanding but controversially rejected work for "Troy" brought him to everyone’s attention and even higher under film music’s spotlights.

Gabriel Yared has also composed numerous ballets, including \"Clavigo\" which premiered in November 1999 at the Paris Opera House and he is also the founder and director of the Pléiade Academy in Paris, an institution which primarily supports talented and upcoming young composers from across Europe, helping and enforcing the creation and promotion of their own works.

Soncinemad 2007 will host Gabriel Yared as a special guest with a special conference / masterclass he’ll offer for our attendants, focused on his long career and outstanding work.

Most importantly, he’ll actively participate with his own work in our own special film music concert which will feature numerous prestigious appearances, tributes to our festival’s guest composers such as Christopher Gordon, Carles Cases, Shigeru Umebayashi, Angel Illarramendi and with more names to be announced shortly. The event will be introduced and led by Christopher Young, Honorary President of Soncinemad, who will also present some of his music as part of an extraordinary concert the 29th June in the "Kinepolis", Madrid, Spain.

You can preregister with us for Soncinemad 2007, through our official website:

Please feel free to contact us for any further inquiries and stay tuned as more information along with the names of all our participants (composers and area professionals) will be shortly released and also information regarding the specifics of our symphonic concerts.