BuySoundtrax Records announces the release of Chinois! The New Millennium Theatrical Spectacular, composed by Bruce Rowland. The soundtrack is a limited edition, with only 1000 copies being pressed. As a special offer, the first 100 people to order the package from the record label’s website,, will have their copy autographed by the composer at no additional charge.

Drawing upon 2500 years of traditional Chinese theatrical performing arts as seen through western eyes, Chinois! The New Millenium Theatrical Spectacular was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture in Beijing. Conceived for the stage and featuring the most stunning skills of shadow puppetry, mime, dance, breathtaking acrobatic performances, aerial trapeze, and martial arts, woven together with “Black Arts” illusions, the production features a mix of these Chinese arts with Western production techniques. The production was put together by Creative Producer of Famous Artists International Tedd Dunn and was composed by Australian composer Bruce Rowland.

Bruce Rowland’s background as a pianist with a local pop band during the 1960s and an association with children\'s television as a musical director and songwriter gave Rowland two decades of experience in songwriting and finding the right melodic and rhythmic hook to create effective and memorable compositions. He gained international acclaim with his very first film score – 1982’s THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER. Rowland\'s score persuasively spoke for the spirit of both the boy and the horse who struggle for acceptance and freedom in Australia\'s harsh mountain country and earned him the Australian Film Industry\'s Best Film Score Award.

Another film about a horse, Simon Wincer\'s PHAR LAP, told the true story about the rise and fall of the famous race horse. Rowland\'s score gained him a second Best Film Score Award (he’d later earn a third in 1985 for REBEL). He scored RETURN TO SNOWY RIVER in 1988, and teamed up with Wincer again to compose the director\'s adventure films, LIGHTNING JACK and FLASH, the story about a boy and a race horse. Rowland\'s association with films about animals was inescapable. His proclivity for providing the right emotional balance for films involving people and animals brought him plenty of outdoor, nature-related films to score, many of which were made by SNOWY RIVER director George Miller, with whom Rowland maintained an ongoing association, scoring such films for him as THE GREAT ELEPHANT ESCAPE, BADLANDS 2005, ZEUS AND ROXANNE, ANDRE, TIDAL WAVE: NO ESCAPE, TRIBE, and the miniseries ALL THE RIVERS RUN.

Chinois! The New Millenium Theatrical Spectacular (suggested retail price $16.95) on BuySoundtrax will be in stores on April 26 or can be ordered at