Before "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut's" jingoistic song "Blame Canada" can be performed during the Oscarcast, the Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman-written number may have to undergo some tweaking. Usually, tunes in the running for a best original song Oscar are performed unabridged. But the "Blame Canada" lyrics include the words "fuck" and "fart" and such phrases as "that bitch Anne Murray" (referring to a Canadian-born singer), and that may not sit too well with ABC's standards and practices people. "I told (Parker and Shaiman) they need to find a creative solution to the song," said Lili Fini Zanuck, who is producing the 72nd Academy Awards show with her husband, Richard. "We are big on presenting music as the artists (intended)." "I hope we don't have to change the words," said Shaiman. "It would be ironic to have to change the words in a song in a movie about censorship."