In Debt We Trust, a feature-length documentary directed by Emmy Award winner Danny Schechter and premiering this April, will bring music by NY-based composer and recording artist Polarity/1 to theaters around the country. The film features instrumental music by Polarity/1 and Audioplasm (Polarity/1 and Rubio) as well as two songs written for the film—Free Money (included on Polarity/1\'s Prettier Than You CD) and I\'m So Broke (by Audioplasm).

In Debt We Trust shows how debt is strangling the lives of tens of millions of Americans, and consolidating power into fewer and fewer hands by a credit and loan complex not unlike the military-industrial complex. This has been called the “financialization” of America –- producing a kind of “modern serfdom” and widening the gap between the haves and have-nots. The 88-minute documentary is being distributed to theaters and communities as part of a new national campaign, Americans for Debt Relief Now, that aims to help Americans win freedom from the desperation of this overwhelming debt.

The music of Polarity/1 is exactly what the name suggests: conjoined opposites - a mash-up of new: cutting edge electronica/hip hop/nu-jazz and old: roots music of America (blues, funk, country, early jazz), Brazil (samba, pagode, etc.) and West African groove science. \"Polar succeeds in his mission of forcing you to pay attention and not lull into the sounds you \'expect\' to hear,\" noted

Currently, Polarity/1 is best known for political songs which are a regular feature of Amy Goodman\'s globally syndicated Democracy Now, NPR and many other politics-oriented broadcasts, used in college courses on media and licensed for use in documentaries.

Polarity/1 (aka Polar Levine) is a member of the MusicDish Network, a complete artist development program, leveraging brand development, saturated and relationship marketing, digital distribution and industry outreach to support emerging artists\' and bands\' careers.