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Angelo Francesco Lavagnino

A. Francesco Lavagnino, A.F. Lavagnino, Angelo F. Lavagnino, Angelo Lavagnino, Francesco Lavagnino, Lavagnino
February 22, 1909
Genoa, Italy
August 21, 1987
Gavi, Italy

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[1977]  L'Italia in Pigiama
[1974]  Africa Nuda, Africa Violenta
 The Regent's Wife
[1972]  Curse of the Vampyr
 The Story of a Girl Alone
[1971]  Africa Ama
 Shadows in the Dark
[1970]  Angeli Senza Paradiso*
 Fortunata y Jacinta
 Il Corsario
 Queens of Evil (Il Delitto del Diavolo / Le Regine)*
[1969]  Hell Commandos (Sette Eroiche Carogne)*
 Poppea's Hot Nights
 The Battle of the Last Panzer (La Battaglia Dell'Ultimo Panzer)*
 The Conspiracy of Torture
 The Secret of Africa
[1968]  A Stranger in Paso Bravo (Uno straniero a Paso Bravo)*
 Pistol for a Hundred Coffins
 Requiem for a Gringo (Requiem per un gringo)*
 Revenge for Revenge
 Samoa, Queen of the Jungle (Samoa, regina della giungla)*
 Sapevano solo uccidere*
 T'ammazzo!... Raccomandati a Dio (Trusting Is Good... Shooting Is Better)*
 Volver a Vivir
[1967]  Il Pane Amaro
 The Last Batallion
 Virgin of the Jungle (Gungala la vergine della giungla)*
[1966]  The Desert Renegades
 The Man Who Came to Kill
 War Between the Planets
[1965]  5000 dollari sull'asso (Five Thousand Dollars on One Ace)*
 Chimes at Midnight
 Duel at Rio Bravo
 Left Handed Johnny West (Johnny West il mancino)*
 Man from Canyon City
 Seven Hours of Gunfire
 Snow Demons
 Son of Jesse James
 Super Seven Calling Cairo (Superseven chiama Cairo)*
[1964]  Castle of the Living Dead
 Gli invincibili tre (3 Avengers)*
 Hercules and the Black Pirates
 Hercules and the Treasure of the Incas
 L'intrigo (Dark Purpose)*
 The Avenger of Venice
 The Spartan Gladiators
 Toto of Arabia
[1963]  Catherine of Russia
 Saladin (El Naser Salah el Dine / Saladino / Salladin the Victorious)*
 Ten Gladiators
[1962]  Diary of a Voyage in the South Pacific
 Pontius Pilate
 Son of Captain Blood
 Venere Imperiale*
[1961]  Dreams Die at Dawn
 Duel of Champions
 Goliath and the Vampires (Maciste contro il vampiro)*
 Madame Sans-Gene*
 Marco Polo
 Odissea nuda (Nude Odyssey)*
 Seduction of the South (I briganti italiani / The Italian Brigands)*
 The Corsican Brothers
 The Grand Olympics (La grande olimpiade)*
 The Wonders of Aladdin*
 Ulysses Against Hercules
[1960]  Five Branded Women (Jovanka e le altre)*
 The Angel Wore Red
[1959]  Sign of the Gladiator
 The Last Days of Pompeii (Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei)*
 The Nights of Lucretia Borgia
[1958]   La maja desnuda (The Naked Maja)*
 Behind the Great Wall
 L'ultimo paradiso (The Last Paradise)*
 Storm Over Jamaica
 The Wind Cannot Read
[1957]  Count Max
 L'oceano ci chiama*
 Legend of the Lost*
[1956]  Calabuch
 Notre Dame de Paris
 The Wanderers
[1955]  Bravissimo
 Empire in the Sun
 La Bella Mugnaia
 The Bachelor
 Toto and Carolina
[1954]  Continente perduto (Lost Continent)*
 Human Torpedoes
 Il Matrimonio
 La Tua Donna
 Sins of Casanova
[1953]  Africa Under the Seas
 Man Beast and Virtue
[1952]  Green Magic
 Il Bandolero Stanco
 The Tragedy of Otherllo, The Moor of Venice
[1951]  Mamma Mia, Che Impressione!
[1948]  Christmas at Camp
 What Times!
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