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Chris White

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[2014]  The Heart Machine
 Educating the East End [TV Series]
 Guilty by Association [TV Movie]
 Mary [Short Film]
 The Missing [TV Movie]
 The Supervet [TV Series]
[2013]  Bi-Curious Me [TV Movie]
 Brain Hospital: Saving Lives [TV Series]
 Educating Yorkshire [TV Series]
 Happy Families [TV Series]
 Incident urbain [Short Film]
 Liberty of London [TV Series]
 Show Dogs: The Road to Crufts [TV Movie]
[2012]  I Can't See You Anymore [Short Film]
 Lady and the Tooth [Short Film]
 Living with My Stalker [TV Movie]
 Lost Children [Miniseries]
 Nancy, Please
 The Year the Town Hall Shrank [TV Series]
 White Lobster [Short Film]
[2011]  A mi-chemin [Short Film]
 All in Good Time [Short Film]
 Kevin's Grand Design [TV Series]
 Les conquerants [Short Film]
 Lucia Venise
 Solitude [Short Film]
 We Need to Talk About Dad [TV Movie]
 Wings [Short Film]
[2010]  La planete encore [Short Film]
 Small-Time Revolutionary [Short Film]
 The Living Artist [TV Movie]
 The Space You Leave [Short Film]
 Twinset [Short Film]
[2009]  3MW: Missing You [TV Series]
 Cowboys [Short Film]
 Crossing [Short Film]
 On the Run with Abdul [Short Film]
 One Hundred Mornings
 The Short Answer [Short Film]
[2008]  Lowland Fell [Short Film]
 Steel Homes [Short Film]
 The Solitary Life of Cranes [Short Film] (additional music)
[2007]  Earthquake [Short Film]
 Ela [Short Film]
 Firewood [Short Film]
 Gloria [Short Film]
 Homeless Me [Short Film]
 Lawless Britain [TV Series]
 Milk Teeth [Short Film]
 Smalltown Boy [Short Film]
 The Elephant and the Seagull [Short Film]
 The Englishman
 Treeclimber [Short Film]
[2006]  Living in Silence [Short Film]
 Opportunist [Short Film]
[2005]  Timeless

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