Composer Information

Jaime Mendoza-Nava

December 31, 1925
La Paz, Bolivia
May 31, 2005
Los Angeles, CA

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[1985]  Terror in the Swamp
[1984]  The Dark Side to Love (Death Wish Club)
 The Spirits of Jupiter [Direct to Video]
[1983]  Mausoleum
[1982]  Forty Days of Musa Dagh
[1980]  The Legend of Alfred Packer
[1979]  The Evictors
[1978]  The Boys in Company C
 Death Force (Fighting Mad)
 The Norseman
 Vampire Hookers
[1977]  Grayeagle
 Jailbait Babysitter
 Mission to Glory: A True Story
 Mule Feathers
 The Capitol Hill Girls
 The Shadow of Chikara (Wishbone Cutter)
[1976]  Creature from Black Lake
 The Town That Dreaded Sundown
 The Winds of Autumn
[1975]  A Boy and His Dog
 Aloha, Bobby and Rose
 Mysteries from Beyond Earth
 Smoke in the Wind
 Sons of Sassoun
[1974]  Adventure in Ventana
 Promise of Love
 The Great Lester Boggs
 Thunder County
[1973]  Aegis-Orts [Short Film]
 House of Terror
 The Cocktail Hostesses
[1972]  A Man for Hanging [TV Movie]
 Drop Out Wife
 Garden of the Dead
 Grave of the Vampire
 The Legend of Boggy Creek
[1971]  The Brotherhood of Satan
 The Female Bunch
 Will to Die
[1970]  Brother, Cry for Me
 Dream No Evil
 The Hard Road
 The Midnight Graduate
 The Savage Wild
 The Undercover Scandals of Henry VIII
 The Wild Scene
[1969]  Haiku [Short Film]
 The Cut-Throats
 The House Near the Prado
 The Stewardesses
 The Witchmaker
[1968]  Fever Heat
 High, Wild and Free
 We, a Family
[1967]  The Hostage
[1966]  1966 Indianapolis 500 [TV Movie]
 Single Room Furnished
 The Black Klansman (I Crossed the Color Line)
 The Talisman
[1965]  Angel's Flight
 Orgy of the Dead
 Summer Children
[1964]  Handle with Care
 How to Succeed with Girls
 No Man's Land
 Shell Shock
 The Ballad of a Gunfighter
 The Glass Cage
[1963]  Five Minutes to Love
 Marine Battleground (The Marines Who Never Returned / Doraoji anneun haebyong / Marines Are Gone)
 The Quick and the Dead
 The Spirit of America [Short Film]
[1962]  Fallguy
[1961]  The Grass Eater

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