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Jason Graves


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Prey 2 Video Game
Release Date: TBD


2018  Moss [Video Game]*
2017  LawBreakers [Video Game]*
 Lone Echo [Video Game]*
2016  Far Cry Primal [Video Game]*
 Farlands [Video Game]*
2015  Breach & Clear: Deadline [Video Game]*
 The Order: 1886 [Video Game]*
2014  Fat Chicken [Video Game]*
 Might & Magic X: Legacy [Video Game]*
2013  Dead Space 3 [Video Game]*
 Tomb Raider [Video Game]*
2012  Resistance: Burning Skies [Video Game]*
2011  Dead Space 2 [Video Game]*
 Dungeon Seige III [Video Game]
 F.E.A.R. 3 [Video Game]
 Heroes of Might and Magic VI [Video Game]
 Section 8: Prejudice [Video Game]
2010  Alpha Protocol [Video Game]
 City of Heroes: Going Rogue [Video Game]
 Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight [Video Game]*
 Dead Space: Ignition [Video Game]
 Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic [Video Game]
2009  Dead Space: Extraction [Video Game]
 Section 8 [Video Game]*
 Wheelman [Video Game]
2008  Dead Space [Video Game]*
2007  Dead Head Fred [Video Game]*
 BlackSite: Area 51 [Video Game]
 Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII [Video Game]
 Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific [Video Game]
 Star Trek: Conquest [Video Game]
 Transformers Autobots [Video Game]
 Transformers Decepticons [Video Game]
2006  Blazing Angels 2: Squadrons of WWII [Video Game]
 Flushed Away [Video Game]
 Jaws Unleashed [Video Game]
 Star Trek: Encounters [Video Game]
 Star Trek: Legacy [Video Game]
 Star Trek: Tactical Assault [Video Game]
2005  Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows [Video Game]
 Rise of the Kasai [Video Game]
2004  King Arthur [Video Game]
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