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Wojciech Kilar

July 17, 1932
December 29, 2013
Katowice, Poland
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2009  Revisited
2007  We Own the Night*
 Black Sun
 Il Sole Nero (Black Sun)*
2003  Vendetta
2002  Pamietam
 The Pianist*
 The Revenge
 The Supplement
2000  The Ninth Gate*
 Life as a Fatal Sexual Transmitted Disease
 The Hidden Treasure
1999  A Week in the Life of a Man
 Pan Tadeusz
1997  Delay Line
 Our God's Brother
 The Last Circle
 The Soul Sings
1996  The Portrait of a Lady*
 A Woman's Business
 At Full Gallop
 Deceptive Charm
 Ghost with Driver (Fantome avec Chauffeur)*
 Little Faith
 Unwritten Law
1995  Faustina
 Legenda Tatr
1994  Death and the Maiden*
 Death as a Slice of Bread
1993  König der letzten Tage (A King for Burning) [Miniseries]*
 The Touch
1992  Bram Stoker's Dracula*
 Long Conversation with a Bird
1991  Life for Life
 Napoleon et l'Europe [Miniseries]*
1990  Korczak
 The Return
1989  Inventory
1988  La table tournante*
 The Turning Table
 Wherever You Are
1987  Blind Chance
1986  Chronicle of Love Affairs
 The Brothers Will Come Soon
1985  Le Pouvior Du Mal
1984  Bluebeard
 I Shall Always Stand Guard
 The Year of the Quiet Sun
1983  Marynia
1982  Imperativ
 The Unapproachable
1981  From A Far Country (Pope John Paul II)
1980  The Bead of One Rosary
 The Constant Factor
 The Contract
 The King And The Mockingbird (Le roi et l'oiseau)*
1979  David
1978  The Spiral
1977  Bird to Birds
 Brigitte Horney
1976  The Shadow Line
1975  From Nowhere to Nowhere
 Land Of Promise
 Quarterly Balance-Taking
 The Line
 Third Border
1974  Promised Land
 The Catamount Killing
 The Wicket Gate
1973  Hubal
 Jealously and Medicine
1972  Diamonds of Mrs. Zuza
 King Boleslaus the Bold
 Pearl In The Crown
1971  Calm Flat
 Crystal Ball
 Family Life
 The Ring of Queen Ann
 The Star Of The Season
1970  Lokis
 Romantic People
 The Bear
 The Cruise
 The Taste Of The Black Earth
1969  Loneliness for Two
 Man With an Apartment
 Only the Dead Can Answer
 The Criminal Who Stole a Crime
 The Doll
 The Neighbours
 The Pier
 The Red and the Gold
 The Structure of Crystal
1968  Dancing Party in Hitler's Headquarters
 Dreaming Tablet
 Last After the God
 Vampire Upior
 Wolves' Echoes
1967  God's Whip
 Late Afternoon
 Marie Curie
 Our Folks
 Return to Earth
 Skinny and Others
 Stall on Salvador
 The Killer Leaves a Trace
 Westerplatte Resists
 Wstep do Wiedzy o Sztuce: Artysta
1966  Boomerang
 Full Ahead
 Hell and Heaven
 Maria and Napoleon
 Mexico Tomorrow
 Whoever May Know
1965  By the Truth
 The Island of Delinquents
 Three Steps on Earth
1964  Ciemnogrod
 Giuseppe in Warsaw
1963  Codename Nectar
 Far Is the Road
 Red Berets
 The Penthouse
1962  And You Will Become an Indian
 Café from the Past
 The Milczarek Family
 The Voices from Beyond
 Wild Horses
1961  Silent Traces
1960  Nobody's Calling
1959  The Moonwalkers
1958  Narciaze
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