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Wojciech Kilar

July 17, 1932
December 29, 2013
Katowice, Poland
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[2009]  Revisited
[2007]  We Own the Night*
 Black Sun
 Il Sole Nero (Black Sun)*
[2003]  Vendetta
[2002]  Pamietam
 The Pianist*
 The Revenge
 The Supplement
[2000]  The Ninth Gate*
 Life as a Fatal Sexual Transmitted Disease
 The Hidden Treasure
[1999]  A Week in the Life of a Man
 Pan Tadeusz
[1997]  Delay Line
 Our God's Brother
 The Last Circle
 The Soul Sings
[1996]  A Woman's Business
 At Full Gallop
 Deceptive Charm
 Ghost with Driver (Fantome avec Chauffeur)*
 Little Faith
 The Portrait of a Lady*
 Unwritten Law
[1995]  Faustina
 Legenda Tatr
[1994]  Death and the Maiden*
 Death as a Slice of Bread
[1993]  König der letzten Tage (A King for Burning) [Miniseries]*
 The Touch
[1992]  Bram Stoker's Dracula*
 Long Conversation with a Bird
[1991]  Life for Life
 Napoleon et l'Europe [Miniseries]*
[1990]  Korczak
 The Return
[1989]  Inventory
[1988]  La table tournante*
 The Turning Table
 Wherever You Are
[1987]  Blind Chance
[1986]  Chronicle of Love Affairs
 The Brothers Will Come Soon
[1985]  Le Pouvior Du Mal
[1984]  Bluebeard
 I Shall Always Stand Guard
 The Year of the Quiet Sun
[1983]  Marynia
[1982]  Imperativ
 The Unapproachable
[1981]  From A Far Country (Pope John Paul II)
[1980]  The Bead of One Rosary
 The Constant Factor
 The Contract
 The King And The Mockingbird (Le roi et l'oiseau)*
[1979]  David
[1978]  The Spiral
[1977]  Bird to Birds
 Brigitte Horney
[1976]  The Shadow Line
[1975]  From Nowhere to Nowhere
 Land Of Promise
 Quarterly Balance-Taking
 The Line
 Third Border
[1974]  Promised Land
 The Catamount Killing
 The Wicket Gate
[1973]  Hubal
 Jealously and Medicine
[1972]  Diamonds of Mrs. Zuza
 King Boleslaus the Bold
 Pearl In The Crown
[1971]  Calm Flat
 Crystal Ball
 Family Life
 The Ring of Queen Ann
 The Star Of The Season
[1970]  Lokis
 Romantic People
 The Bear
 The Cruise
 The Taste Of The Black Earth
[1969]  Loneliness for Two
 Man With an Apartment
 Only the Dead Can Answer
 The Criminal Who Stole a Crime
 The Doll
 The Neighbours
 The Pier
 The Red and the Gold
 The Structure of Crystal
[1968]  Dancing Party in Hitler's Headquarters
 Dreaming Tablet
 Last After the God
 Vampire Upior
 Wolves' Echoes
[1967]  God's Whip
 Late Afternoon
 Marie Curie
 Our Folks
 Return to Earth
 Skinny and Others
 Stall on Salvador
 The Killer Leaves a Trace
 Westerplatte Resists
 Wstep do Wiedzy o Sztuce: Artysta
[1966]  Boomerang
 Full Ahead
 Hell and Heaven
 Maria and Napoleon
 Mexico Tomorrow
 Whoever May Know
[1965]  By the Truth
 The Island of Delinquents
 Three Steps on Earth
[1964]  Ciemnogrod
 Giuseppe in Warsaw
[1963]  Codename Nectar
 Far Is the Road
 Red Berets
 The Penthouse
[1962]  And You Will Become an Indian
 Café from the Past
 The Milczarek Family
 The Voices from Beyond
 Wild Horses
[1961]  Silent Traces
[1960]  Nobody's Calling
[1959]  The Moonwalkers
[1958]  Narciaze
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