Undetermined 1934 Releases

  Affairs of a Gentleman
  The Affairs Of Cellini
  Age of Innocence
  Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
  Anne of Green Gables
  Baby Take a Bow
  Bachelor Bait
  The Barretts of Wimpole Street
  Beggars in Ermine
  Born To Be Bad
  Bottoms Up
  The Brave Tin Soldier
  Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
  By Your Leave
  The Cat and the Fiddle
  The Cat's Paw
  Cave Man
  Cheating Cheaters
  The Count of Monte Cristo
  The Countess of Monte Cristo
  The Crime Doctor
  Dangerous Corner
  Don Quixote
  Down To Their Last Yacht
  Finishing Schoool
  The Flame Song
  The Fountain
  Gallant Lady
  The Gay Divorcee
  Gift of Gab
  Girl o' My Dreams
  Good Scout
  Great Expectations
  Gridiron Flash
  Half a Sinner
  Happiness Ahead
  Hat, Coat And Glove
  The Headless Horseman
  Hell's Fire
  His Greatest Gamble
  Hollywood Party
  The House of Rothschild
  The Human Side
  I Like It That Way
  I've Been Around
  Insultin' the Sultan
  Jack Frost
  Java Head
  Judge Priest
  Jungle Jitters
  Keep 'Em Rolling
  Kentucky Kernels
  Kid Millions
  L'Or dans la rue
  La Signora Di Tutti
  La Veuve Joyoeuse
  Lac aux dames
  The Last Gentleman
  Laughing Boy
  Let's Be Ritzy
  Let's Fall in Love
  Let's Try Again
  Lieutenant Kije
  The Life Of Vergie Minters
  The Little Minister
  The Little Red Hen
  Long Lost Father
  Looking For Trouble
  The Lost Patrol
  The Loudspeaker
  Love Birds
  Madame Spy
  Man Of Two Worlds
  The Man Who Knew Too Much
  Manhattan Love Song
  Mauvaise Graine
  The Meanest Gal In Town
  Million Dollar Ransom
  Moscow Laughs
  Moscow Nights
  Murder On The Blackboard
  Music in the Air
  Now I'll Tell
  Of Human Bondage
  Our Daily Bread
  The Painted Veil
  Puss 'n' Boots
  The Queen of Hearts
  Radio Parade of 1935
  Rasslin' Round
  Reducing Creme
  The Richest Girl In The World
  Robin Hood, Jr.
  Romance in the Rain
  Sing And Like It
  Strictly Dynamite
  Success At Any Price
  Tarzan and His Mate
  Their Big Moment
  This Man Is Mine
  Treasure Island
  Two Alone
  Uncertain Lady
  Upper World
  The Valiant Tailor
  Viva Villa!
  Viva Willie
  We Live Again
  We're Rich Again
  Wednesday's Child
  What Every Woman Knows
  Where Sinners Meet
  A Wicked Woman

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