Undetermined 1938 Releases

  A-Lad-In Bagdad
  The Adventures of Marco Polo
  The Adventures of Robin Hood
  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  Alexander Nevsky
  Alexander's Ragtime Band
  The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
  Angels with Dirty Faces
  Army Girl
  Arsene Lupin Returns
  The Beachcomber
  The Big Broadcast of 1938
  Blond Cheat
  Boys Town
  Breaking The Ice
  Brother Rat
  The Buccaneer
  The Chaser
  Child Bride
  A Christmas Carol
  Cinderella Meets Fella
  Cocoanut Grove
  College Swing
  Count Me Out
  The Country Bride
  The Cowboy And The Lady
  Cracked Ice
  Crime School
  The Crowd Roars
  The Curtain Rises
  The Daffy Doc
  Daffy Duck and Egghead
  Daffy Duck in Hollywood
  The Dawn Patrol
  Dick Tracy Returns
  The Divorce Of Lady X
  Down in Arkansas
  Dramatic School
  Everybody Sing
  Farmyard Symphony
  A Feud There Was
  Final Accord
  Flirting With Fate
  Fools for Scandal
  Four Daughters
  The Gangs of New York
  Gold Is Where You Find It
  Gold Mine in the Sky
  The Goldwyn Follies
  The Great Waltz
  Happy Landing
  Have You Got Any Castles?
  Hawk of the Wilderness
  Heart of the North
  Heroes of the Hills
  The Higgins Family
  Hold That Co-ed
  Hold That Kiss
  The Hurricane
  Injun Trouble
  The Isle of Pingo Pongo
  Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas
  Jungle Jitters
  Katnip Kollege
  The Kid Comes Back
  King of the Newsboys
  La Rue sans joie
  La Vie d'un homme
  The Lady Objects
  Listen, Darling
  Little Pancho Vanilla
  The Lone Ranger
  Lord Jeff
  Love and Curses
  Love Is a Headache
  Mad About Music
  The Major Lied Till Dawn
  Marie Antoinette
  The Mice Will Play
  My Little Buckeroo
  The Night Watchman
  Now That Summer Is Gone
  Of Human Hearts
  Paradise for Three
  Partners on the Plains
  Peck's Bad Boy With The Circus
  The Penguin Parade
  Porky & Daffy
  Porky at the Crocadero
  Porky in Egypt
  Porky in Wackyland
  Porky the Fireman
  Porky the Gob
  Porky's Five & Ten
  Porky's Hare Hunt
  Porky's Naughty Nephew
  Porky's Party
  Porky's Phoney Express
  Porky's Poppa
  Porky's Spring Planting
  Port Of Seven Seas
  Port of Shadows
  Prison Nurse
  Racket Busters
  Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
  The Rebel Son
  Red River Range
  The Shining Hour
  The Shopworn Angel
  The Sisters
  The Sneezing Weasel
  Son oncle de Normandie
  South Riding
  Spawn Of The North
  A Star Is Hatched
  Start Cheering
  Stolen Heaven
  Storm Over Bengal
  Straight, Place and Show
  Swing That Cheer
  Swing Your Lady
  Test Pilot
  Three Comrades
  Too Hot To Handle
  The Toy Wife
  Trade Winds
  Trois minutes - les saisons
  Vacation from Love
  Valley Of The Giants
  The Ware Case
  What Price Porky
  White Banners
  Wholly Smoke
  A Yank at Oxford
  You Can't Take It with You
  You're an Education
  The Young In Heart

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