Undetermined 1944 Releases

  Abroad with Two Yanks
  The Adventures of Mark Twain
  Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  Allergic to Love
  Angel Puss
  Arsenic And Old Lace
  Bathing Beauty
  Belle of the Yukon
  Between Two Worlds
  The Big Noise
  Birdy and the Beast
  Bon Voyage
  Booby Hatched
  Booby Traps
  Bowery to Broadway
  The Bridge Of San Luis Rey
  Brother Brat
  Buckaroo Bugs
  Buffalo Bill
  Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears
  Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
  Can't Help Singing
  A Canterbury Tale
  Carolina Blues
  Casanova Brown
  Chip Off the Old Block
  The Chow Hound
  Christmas Holiday
  The Climax
  Cobra Woman
  The Conspirators
  Cover Girl
  Dark Waters
  Days Of Glory
  Dead Man's Eyes
  Devil Boats
  Double Indemnity
  The Doughgirls
  Dragon Seed
  Duck Soup to Nuts
  The Eve of St. Mark
  The Fighting Lady
  Follow the Boys
  Forever Yours
  Frenchman's Creek
  From Hand to Mouse
  Gildersleeve's Ghost
  Going Home
  Going My Way
  Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears
  The Great Moment
  Gypsy Wildcat
  Hare Force
  Hare Ribbin'
  Heavenly Days
  Henry V
  Here Come the Waves
  The Hitler Gang
  Hollywood Canteen
  Home In Indiana
  The Hour Before the Dawn
  House of Frankenstein
  I Got Plenty of Mutton
  I'll Be Seeing You
  The Immortal Battalion
  The Impostor
  In Our Time
  In the Meantime, Darling
  The Invisible Man's Revenge
  It's Your War Too
  Jam Session
  Jungle Captive
  Jungle Woman
  The Keys Of The Kingdom
  Knickerbocker Holiday
  Ladies Courageous
  Ladies of Washington
  Le Bossu
  A Lecture on Camouflage
  Little Red Riding Rabbit
  The Lodger
  Lost and Foundling
  Main Street Today
  Make Your Own Bed
  Marriage Is a Private Affair
  Mask of Dimitrios
  The Mask of Dimitrios
  Meatless Flyday
  Meet Me in St. Louis
  Meet the People
  The Merry Monahans
  Ministry Of Fear
  Moon Over Las Vegas
  Mr. Skeffington
  Mr. Winkle Goes TO War
  Mrs. Parkington
  Music in Manhattan
  National Velvet
  A Night of Adventure
  And Now Tomorrow
  The Old Grey Hare
  On Approval
  Passage To Marseille
  The Pearl Of Death
  Plane Daffy
  Practically Yours
  The Princess and the Pirate
  Private Snafu Vs. Malaria Mike
  The Purple Heart
  Rainbow Island
  Roger Touhy, Gangster
  San Diego I Love You
  The Scarlet Claw
  Sensations of 1945
  Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman
  Shine On, Harvest Moon
  Since You Went Away
  Slightly Daffy
  Sorrida Prego
  Stage Door Cartoon
  The Story Of Dr. Wassell
  The Stupid Cupid
  The Sullivans
  The Sultan's Daughter
  Summer Storm
  Sunday Dinner For A Soldier
  Swooner Crooner
  Target Snafu
  Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
  The Three Brothers
  The Three Caballeros
  Three Little Sisters
  Tick Tock Tuckered
  Till We Meet Again
  To Have And Have Not
  Tom Turk and Daffy
  Twilight on the Prairie
  Uncertain Glory
  The Uninvited
  The Univited
  Up in Arms
  The Very Thought Of You
  The Weakly Reporter
  What's Cookin' Doc?
  When Strangers Marry
  The White Cliffs of Dover
  Wing And A Prayer
  Winged Victory

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