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4/21Son of Lassie

Undetermined 1945 Releases

  Abbott and Costello in Hollywood
  The Affairs of Susan
  Ain't That Ducky
  Anchors Aweigh
  Attack In The Pacific
  The Bashful Buzzard
  Behind the Meat-Ball
  A Bell For Adano
  Bells of Rosarita
  The Bells of St. Mary's
  Blind Desire
  Blithe Spirit
  Blood on the Sun
  Brewster's Millions
  Brief Encounter
  The Brighton Strangler
  The Bullfighters
  Captain Eddie
  The Caribbean Mystery
  Children of Paradise (Les Enfants Du Paradis)
  China Sky
  China's Little Devils
  Circumstancial Evidence
  Confidential Agent
  The Corn is Green
  Crime Doctor's Warning
  The Cummington Story
  Danger Signal
  Dangerous Intruder
  Dead of Night
  Diamond Horseshoe
  A Diary for Timothy
  Don Juan Quilligan
  Draftee Daffy
  Escape in the Desert
  Fallen Angel
  First Yank in Tokyo
  Flight from Folly
  Fog Island
  François Villon
  Fresh Airedale
  Frisco Sal
  Getting Gertie's Garter
  The Girl Of Limberlost
  God Is My Co-Pilot
  Great Day
  The Great John L.
  A Gruesome Twosome
  Guest Wife
  Hangover Square
  Hare Conditioned
  Hare Tonic
  Hare Trigger
  Having a Wonderful Crime
  Herr Meets Hare
  His Young Wife (Le Miserie Del Signor Travet)
  Hitler Lives
  Hold That Blonde
  The Horn Blows At Midnight
  Hot Spot
  Hotel Berlin
  House of Dracula
  The House of Fear
  The House on 92nd Street
  I Love a Bandleader
  In the Aleutians
  Incontro con Laura
  Isle of the Dead
  It's a Pleasure
  It's Murder She Says
  Ivan the Terrible Part I
  Johnny Angel
  Junior Miss
  Lady on a Train
  Leave Her to Heaven
  Life with Feathers
  The Lost Weekend
  Love Letters
  Mama Loves Papa
  Man Alive
  The Man in Half Moon Street
  The Man Who Walked Alone
  Masquerade In Mexico
  A Medal For Benny
  Mildred Pierce
  The Missing Corpse
  Molly and Me
  Momotaro' Divine Sea Warriors
  The Mouse Comes to Dinner
  The Mummy's Curse
  Nasty Quacks
  No Buddy Atoll
  Nob Hill
  Notorious Gentleman
  Objective, Burma!
  Odor-Able Kitty
  Operation Snafu
  Our Vines Have Tender Grapes
  Out of This World
  Pardon My Past
  Patrick the Great
  Peck Up Your Troubles
  Phantom of 42nd Street
  The Picture of Dorian Gray
  The Power Of The Whistler
  Pride Of The Marines
  Pursuit to Algiers
  Radio Stars on Parade
  The Return of Mr. Hook
  Rhapsody In Blue
  Roughly Speaking
  A Royal Scandal
  The Sailor Takes a Wife
  Salome, Where She Danced
  Scarlet Street
  Secrets of the Caribbean
  See My Lawyer
  Shady Lady
  Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear
  Song of the Sarong
  A Song To Remember
  The Spider
  Star in the Night
  State Fair
  A Tale of Two Mice
  Tell It to a Star
  That Night with You
  That's the Spirit
  They Were Expendable
  Thunderhead: Son of Flicka
  To the Shores of Iwo Jima
  Tokyo Woes
  Tonight and Every Night
  Too Young to Know
  Trap Happy Porky
  A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
  The Unruly Hare
  The Valley of Decision
  Wagon Heels
  Weekend at the Waldorf
  What a Blonde
  Where Do We Go from Here?
  Within These Walls
  Without Love
  The Woman In The Window
  Yolanda and the Thief
  You Came Along
  Ziegfeld Follies

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