Undetermined 1952 Releases

  14 Carrot Rabbit
  5 Fingers
  About Face
  Above and Beyond
  Actors And Sin
  Against All Flags
  Ain't She Tweet
  Anything Can Happen
  April in Paris
  The Assasssin (Venetian Bird)
  Assignment - Paris
  The Atomic City
  Back at the Front
  Back from the Front
  The Bad And The Beautiful
  The Battle at Apache Pass
  Battles Of Chief Pontiac
  Because You're Mine
  Beep, Beep
  Belles on Their Toes
  Bend of the River
  The Big Sky
  The Big Trees
  A Bird in a Guilty Cage
  Blackbeard, The Pirate
  Bloodhounds Of Broadway
  Boots Malone
  Brandy for the Parson
  Breaking The Sound Barrier (The Sound Barrier)
  Bronco Buster
  Bugles In The Afternoon
  California Conquest
  Captain Pirate
  The Captive City
  Carson City
  Cattle Town
  Chicago Calling
  Children of Hiroshima
  Colonel March Investigates
  Come Back Little Sheba
  Cracked Quack
  The Crimson Pirate
  Curtain Up
  Deadline - U.S.A.
  Due Soldi Di Speranza
  Duel at Silver Creek
  The EGGcited Rooster
  Everything I Have Is Yours
  Face To Face
  Feed the Kitty
  The First Time
  Five Fingers
  Flesh and Fury
  Fool Coverage
  Forbidden Games (Jeux interdits)
  The Four Poster
  Foxy by Proxy
  Geisha Girl
  Gift Wrapped
  The Girl In White
  Going! Going! Gosh!
  Green Magic
  The Grouch
  Hans Christian Andersen
  The Happy Time
  Hare Lift
  Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
  The Hasty Hare
  Heel Raiders OF The Deep
  Here Come the Nelsons
  High Noon
  High Treason
  His Excellency
  Holiday for Henrietta
  Home At Seven (Murder On Monday)
  Hoodlum Empire
  Horizons West
  The Hour of 13
  I Believe in You
  I Was a Prisoner in Siberia
  Il Bandolero Stanco
  Il Sogno di Zorro
  The Importance of Being Earnest
  Invasion U.S.A.
  The Iron Mistress
  Island of Desire
  It Started In Paradise
  Jack and the Beanstalk
  The Jackie Gleason Show
  Jolanda, La Figlia Del Corsaro Nero
  Jumping Jacks
  Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land
  Just For You
  Just This Once
  Kangaroo (The Australian Story)
  Kiddin' the Kitten
  Kin no Tamago: Golden Girl
  L'Aventure et ses Terras-Nuevas
  La Mano Del Straniero
  La Regina Di Saba
  Lady in the Iron Mask
  Lady Possessed
  The Las Vegas Story
  Le Chemin de Damas
  Le Meravigliose Avventure Di Guerrin Meschino
  Le Voyage D'Abdallah
  Les Amants Maudits
  Les Aventures Extraordinaires de Jules Verne
  Les Miserables
  Les Techniciens en pompons rouges
  Life of a Horse-Trader
  Lily of the Harbor
  The Lion And The Horse
  Little Beau Pepé
  Little Red Rodent Hood
  Loan Shark
  Lone Star
  The Long Memory
  Lost In Alaska
  Love Is Better Than Ever
  Lovely to Look At
  Lure Of The Wilderness
  Lydia Bailey
  The Man Without Nationality
  Manina, la fille sans voile (The Girl in the Bikini)
  Mara Maru
  Marito E Moglie
  The Marrying Kind
  Meet Me At The Fair
  Million Dollar Mermaid
  The Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima
  The Moment of Truth (La minute de verite)
  Monkey Business
  Montana Belle
  Moulin Rouge
  Mr. Denning Drives North
  Mr. Lucky
  Mr. Walkie Talkie
  My Cousin Rachel
  My Man and I
  My Pal Gus
  My Six Convicts
  My Wife's Best Friend
  Night Stage to Galveston
  Night Without Sleep
  O. Henry's Full House
  Oi Ouranoi einai dikoi mas
  Oily Hare
  Oklahoma Annie
  One Minute To Zero
  Operation: Rabbit
  The Outcasts Of Poker Flat
  Pat And Mike
  Phone Call from a Stranger
  Plymouth Adventure
  Pony Soldier
  Princes du sang
  The Prisoner of Zenda
  The Promoter
  The Quiet Man
  Rabbit Seasoning
  Rabbit's Kin
  The Raiders
  Rancho Notorious
  The Respectful Prostitute
  Retreat, Hell!
  The Ringer
  Road to Bali
  Roma ore 11
  Room For One More
  Ruby Gentry
  Sailor Beware
  Santa to Chidai No Yama
  Scandal Sheet
  The Sellout
  Shadow in the Sky
  Sisters of Nishijin
  The Sniper
  The Snows Of Kilimanjaro
  Sock a Doodle Do
  Something Money Can't Buy
  Something To Live For
  Sound Off
  Springfield Rifle
  The Star
  Steel Town
  The Steel Trap
  Stolen Face
  The Story of Mandy
  The Story Of Will Rogers
  Submarine Command
  Sudden Fear
  The Super Snooper
  Swift Current
  Talk About a Stranger
  Tarzan's Savage Fury
  Tenryu Gawa
  This Is Cinerama
  This Woman is Dangerous
  Three for Bedroom C
  Thumb Fun
  Time, Gentlemen, Please!
  The Tragedy of Otherllo, The Moor of Venice
  Tree for Two
  The Turn-Tale Wolf
  Untamed Frontier
  Viva Zapata!
  The Voice of Merrill
  Wagons West
  Wait 'Till The Sun Shines, Nellie
  Water, Water Every Hare
  Way of a Gaucho
  We're Not Married!
  What Price Glory?
  Where's Charley
  The White Sheik (Lo sceicco bianco)
  The White Shiek
  Who's Kitten Who?
  Wild Horse Ambush
  The Wild North
  Wings Of Danger (Dead On Course)
  The Winning Team
  With a Song in My Heart
  Young Man with Ideas

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